Struggling Free (Hidden Secrets Book 5)

Struggling Free (Hidden Secrets Book 5) by P. J. Belden Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Struggling Free (Hidden Secrets Book 5) by P. J. Belden Read Free Book Online
Authors: P. J. Belden
smile on her face.
    Before I did more than just help push away her demons, I left the room and headed back to the shower. I’m going to be super clean with her around. Standing under the shower, I willed my erection away. Running anything I could think of through my head to get her out of it, but it wasn’t working.
    “I thought you’d already taken a shower once.”
    Whirling around, I faced the vision that danced in my head. Her hardened peaks weren’t hard to miss in her tight tank top as she walked toward me.
    “I, uh, need to relax some tense muscles.”
    She stepped into the shower fully clothed. “It looks like I might be able to help some,” she smirked.
    “What…um are you…”
    Everything I was going to say died on my tongue as I felt her hand wrap around me and stroke me slowly. The only thing I could do was moan and drop my head back looking up at the ceiling. When I felt her tongue run across the head, my arms shot out to brace myself on the walls. Just that little touching had my knees turning to jelly. This woman was far beyond what I thought she’d be.
    All thoughts disappeared as I felt her mouth wrap around me, taking me slowly into her hot, warm, welcoming mouth. My hips jerked forward, pushing further into her mouth.
    “Damn Vicky. I’m so fucking close. Stand up. Let me have you.”
    Her only response was to hum her ‘no’ around my cock. The vibrations rode straight down my shaft to my balls. I growled her name loudly as I began to cum well before I wanted to. It was an intense and consuming release. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. My arms could no longer support me and I collapsed to the floor of the shower breathing heavy. When I looked up to reach out and grab a hold of Vicky and kiss her with everything I was worth, she wasn’t there.
    Standing, I walked out of the shower grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Looking around the suite, I went to the bedroom. There she lay, in bed where I left her. Standing there dumbfounded, I stared at her.
    “ That was all a fucking fantasy? No fucking way.”
    Shaking my head unable to believe it, I left the room closing the door behind me. Knowing that tomorrow was another charity event, I picked up my phone and started making some calls. There was no way I was going to embarrass her tomorrow. Tomorrow, Jacob Williams, the superstar, the family man, would be in full swing. Jacob Williams, the druggie, would be nowhere to be seen. After my phone calls were done, I went to the kitchen for some food.
    Buying this hotel was the best move I made. It gave me a ‘home’ when I came back to town. For about a year, the hotel was under construction so I stayed at Jack’s after I finished with whatever woman I met at the club. One of the things I loved about going to the club was no one knew that it was Jacob Williams. My assistant helped with the perfect disguise. Hell, I’m not even sure my dealer knew it was me. It was just nice to be someone else for a while. But now thinking back to the woman in my bed right now, never have I ever wanted to be just me before. To prove to that woman… What? What did I want to prove to her? That I was more than my addiction? That I was more than the man before the cameras? There hasn’t been a woman yet that has seen past the glitz and glamour that comes with my life, why would there be now? Shaking my head, I tried to busy myself with anything to calm my brain. It was going places I wasn’t sure I was ready to go just yet. Or maybe more that I wasn’t strong enough to go yet?
    # # #
    Knocking lightly on the door before I entered, I found her still asleep. Setting the bags on the floor and bed before sitting down next to her, I brushed her hair out of her face.
    “Nap time is over, beautiful. It’s time to get up and get dressed,” I said softly.
    “Ugh! Why? I just feel so drained.”
    Part of me wondered if she remembered what happened only a few hours ago. Well, more like almost

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