Stunned (The Lucidites Book 2)

Stunned (The Lucidites Book 2) by Sarah Noffke Read Free Book Online

Book: Stunned (The Lucidites Book 2) by Sarah Noffke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Noffke
    “Roya, are you seriously going to ignore me again?” Aiden’s voice is full of frustration.
    “What?” I swing around and focus on him properly, then avert my gaze to the floor. “Oh, right, what do you want?”
    Aiden takes a couple quick strides until he’s right in front of me. He’s seeking my eyes, but I’m focused on the blue carpet under my feet. “Hey, what’s your deal? Are you still mad at me for asking you to wear the adjuster?”
    Suddenly I have no problem shaking off the vision I just witnessed. I feel a renewed sense of frustration pulsing through me. My mind flashes on the memory of Amber flirting with Aiden.
    “Oh, no,” I say, pulling my eyes to his. “I’ve got new reasons now.” I stare at him without flinching. His dark blue eyes try to read me and decipher what I’m really talking about.
    He shakes his head like he’s attempting to ward off some evil spirit. “Well, I’ve been trying to locate you for a while now. You aren’t easy to track down.” He glances at the Panther room. “Are you news reporting?”
    I don’t answer.
    His expression shifts into one of heedless passion. It sends a warning light off in my head. Caution! my instinct urges. I’m never good when he adorns that look. It obliterates my willpower. Makes me cave in to whatever he asks. “Why have you been avoiding me?” he says, sounding faintly amused.
    I stare at him and shake my head, repulsed. Hurt. Disappointed. A long moment passes where he searches my eyes. After a tense minute he finally says, “Look, whatever it is you know about my project, you need to also know that I’m only working under Trey’s orders.”
    That doesn’t make any sense. Trey ordered him to flirt with Amber? Why? “What?” I say.
    Aiden draws in a step closer. “I can totally explain everything if you give me a chance. And ”—he says the word with a brilliant smile—“I have something I’m dying to show you.” He reaches for my hand. I could have pulled away before he grabbed it, but I didn’t. A sensual shock pulses through me when our fingers meet. He gives me a fierce grin. “Come on,” he urges, pulling me down the hallway.
    I allow myself to be led to his lab because I do deserve an explanation. My hope is there’s a justified reason for his interaction with Amber. There has to be a chance that I’ve misinterpreted the whole thing. That’s what I want, anyway.
    “I need your iPod,” he says as we walk.
    “What?” Sincere dread courses through me. Is he going to give it to Amber? Is this the whole ruse? “Are you taking it back?” I say, trying not to sound as injured as I feel.
    He laughs. “I wouldn’t dream of it.” His easy laughter opens up the space around me like a light. I wonder if he knows he has that effect on me. I hope not.
    “Then why do you want it back?” I ask.
    “It’s just so I can update it with more music,” he says, striding in front of me and twirling me around in an impromptu dance. “We have to keep your education in music going, right?”
    I’m startled by his casual, romantic nature. It makes me feel I’m the only girl he spins in these hallways, but am I? With a jerk I yank my hand from his. He stops, tilts his head sideways at me, confused disappointment written on his face. Ignoring him, I stride into his lab.
    “I’ll be right back,” he says in a promising voice.
    I make excuses to myself for why I should be there. These are then followed by a round of insults from another part of me.
    You’re weak. A fool. Leave and don’t look back.
    I’m about to push forward on the balls of my toes and rush away when Aiden’s voice sings to me from the back of his lab. “I can’t think of anyone I’m more excited to share this new technology with.”
    A pocket of air sticks in my throat. I can’t push it out or swallow it. I’m frozen, torn.
    A minute later Aiden strides from the back of his lab carrying a large box. Swallowing the uncomfortable

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