Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine

Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine by Alex Jordaine Read Free Book Online

Book: Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine by Alex Jordaine Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alex Jordaine
fantasies like?’ Chris asked.
    ‘In a word, exotic,’ Helena replied.
    ‘How so?’
    ‘Let me explain.’ She gave his erection a last squeeze before shifting position and putting her arms behind her head. ‘They occur in a kind of dreamscape where all is sex, sex, and more sex.’
    ‘Sounds like my kind of place,’ Chris laughed. ‘But do I ever figure in them?’
    ‘Only kidding.’ Helena let out a soft chuckle. ‘Yes, of course you do – all the time. And you have done ever since we first became an item. In fact, you and I are the main protagonists in these exotic sexual fantasies of mine.’
    ‘Please tell me more,’ said Chris. ‘You’ve really got me interested.’ His shaft was not just hard but rock-hard now. He pushed the sheet away from his body and stretched out on the bed, waiting.
    ‘In these fantasies neither of us is wearing a stitch,’ Helena went on. ‘And the same applies to all the main characters. We’re all these completely sexual beings and occupy this idyllic wooded landscape. In these fantasies you and I wander about having various erotic encounters, involving all sorts of exciting permutations.’
    ‘Why don’t you give me a typical example?’ Chris suggested.
    ‘I’d be happy to. Are you lying comfortably?’
    ‘I am,’ Chris said, thinking or as comfortably as I can be with the hard-on I’ve got right now.
    ‘Then I’ll begin my horny tale,’ Helena said. ‘It is nearing sunset and the air, while still warm, is becoming slightly cooler. I am all alone, buck-naked it goes without saying, and have spent my day communing with nature as I roam the Arcadian paradise that is my home …’
    There are clumps of wild flowers rising through the carpet of leaves beneath Helena’s bare feet and the trees are in bud. The sap’s rising in her too – the sap of erotic desire – and she’s been feeling increasingly randy as the day has gone on. Her pussy is now dripping wet and she’s absolutely aching for sex. She can feel trickles of wetness running down the inside of her thighs and her clit is buzzing.
    She sits on the grassy bank of a lake of deepest blue, its rippled surface faintly reflecting the last of the day’s sun. Helena feels so incredibly horny by now that she can’t wait any longer and begins to pleasure herself. She spreads her legs wantonly wide and starts to rub the opening of her vagina, her fingers wet in her pulsating sex. She rolls her fingers over her hard pink clitoris too, moving them in tight circles, and groans with pleasure as the hooded pearl of pleasure rotates and slides against her slippery touch. Then she pushes her fingers in further, digging them in deep, plunging into all her juicy wetness over and over.
    However Helena starts to get this strange feeling that she’s being watched by someone, so with no little reluctance she stops masturbating. She brings her vision, which has become glazed with lust, back into focus and scans the watery landscape before her. Then Helena sees near the middle of the lake the face of the person who’s watching her. It’s a face so exquisitely beautiful that it quite takes her breath away.
    The face is that of a young Oriental woman. Helena can’t see any more of her than her lovely face since she’s immersed from the neck downwards in the rippling water. She is looking straight at her, staring intently. Her skin is so pale and delicate that it’s almost transparent, in stark contrast to the glossy blackness of her hair. Her mouth is provocative, her lips full. Her luminous blue eyes, which are large and slanted, continue to stare right at Helena. And she stares right back as the young woman starts to swim a slow breast stroke towards her.
    Staring into the hypnotic eyes of this lovely vision as she languorously swims ever closer, Helena returns to playing with her pussy. She spreads the wetness of her labia with the fingers of one hand while teasing her stiff clit with the

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