Taunting Lips (A Teasing Hands Accompaniment)

Taunting Lips (A Teasing Hands Accompaniment) by Elena M. Reyes Read Free Book Online

Book: Taunting Lips (A Teasing Hands Accompaniment) by Elena M. Reyes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elena M. Reyes
cards. Everything his mother says to get her back—the idiot can’t even do that on his own.”
    “And how is she…” I trailed off; she knew what I was asking.
    “Dumping it all in the garbage.” Those simple words helped me breathe easier; she wasn’t interested in his game. “But”—I hated fucking buts—“that’s not to say he won’t break her defenses down. She’s hurting, and he will capitalize.”
    “Over my dead fucking body,” I snarled in anger, causing her to jump and glare at me. “Sorry.”
    “It’s okay.” Her look told me it was anything but.
    “He will never be enough for her.” I began to pace again, feeling like a caged animal. My fingers dove into my hair and tugged at the roots. “She’s motherfucking mine.”
    “Is she, now?” Courtney was pushing me. Rattling the proverbial cage of this angry lion and daring me to challenge her words. “You might be too late. Maybe she’ll give in to the familiar.”
    The pacing stopped and my breathing grew ragged. “The fuck she will.”
    “That’s just not good enough, Camden. Why can’t she?”
    “Because I love her, goddammit!” There, it was said—out in the open. I loved the woman beyond all measures and needed her to choose me. I was the right one for her.
    “My job is done.” Courtney looked at me with a smug expression on her face. Is she kidding me with this crap? “Don’t huff at me. You’re lucky I’m not in here kicking your ass for the bullshit you pulled at Rage. Seeing you with that ‘ thing’ broke her. Shattered the bit of confidence she’d gained being with you.”
    “Fuck,” I hoarsely whispered.
    “Exactly. You don’t have time to waste.”
    Nodding, I asked her the one question that had been running through my mind since we entered this room.  “Why did you come here? What was the purpose?”
    “At first, to tell you off,” she deadpanned with a shrug of her shoulders. “I was dead set on making you feel an ounce of what you made Amanda go through. But then—”
    “What?” I interrupted.
    “Seeing the pain that radiates in your eyes at the mention of her name changed my mind. Camden, you can’t hide the obvious—what’s so clear to see.  You love her as much—if not more—than she does you.”
    Smiling, I reached out and pulled her in for a hug. “She’s fucked up my existence in the best of ways.”
    Courtney pulled out of my embrace and leaned up to kiss my cheek. “That’s just what I want to hear. Now go get her back. Don’t let Hunter win. It’s you she needs.”

    Amanda had been ignoring me.
    All my calls and texts had gone unanswered; no matter what I said or tried, she’d blocked me at every turn. I’d had enough. There was nowhere for her to run and hide if I just showed up at her house.
    Pulling into their driveway, I attempted to play nice a final time and called. No surprise. After two rings, it was sent to voicemail. Her sweet voice asking me to leave her a message was bittersweet.
    So close, yet so fucking far away.
    “I’m here.” Let her have a warning. Courtney had spent numerous hours helping me, teaching me the things about my girl that she loved. Her favorite flower; white, long-stemmed roses were sent every day to her home, each arrangement with a small note from me.
    No words of love or declarations. In my opinion, it would be a pussy move if I did. My gatita deserved more than that from me. She had to hear the words come from my lips.
    I parked behind her sexy classic and got out, a new arrangement in one hand and in the other, courtside tickets to see our Heat play. It would be perfect—she was an athlete, and I loved the sport. This was something we could enjoy together at some point.
    I’d seen enough videos of her playing in the last few days to know she’s incredibly skilled. The finals they’d just won had blown me away; my girl had a killer hand. Watching her handle the ball was arousing, no question about the hardness of my cock as she

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