Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate by A N Busch Read Free Book Online

Book: Tempting Fate by A N Busch Read Free Book Online
Authors: A N Busch
dishwasher, she could hear the kids in the living room playing and fighting over toys. Just another evening in their house, with exception of this new project that Abigail had high hopes for. The day was also a little different because of the face that kept popping into her head and not going away – a man that kept smiling at her and flashing mysteriously captivating, beautiful blue/green topaz eyes that shined. This was even stranger because she couldn’t remember ever actually seeing his face so well in her dream.
    Abigail got the kids bathed and into bed, before she jumped in for a quick shower herself. She gave a kiss to her husband and was off to get to work. She worked for hours sketching and re-sketching ideas, making notes here and there -the pile of crumbled up papers on the floor getting bigger and bigger.
    It wasn’t until after midnight when she stopped working and headed off to bed. As she crawled in bed, she thought about waking her husband up and aggravating him, but it was too late at night. She was just too tired to pick on him anyway, not to mention he would be awake fuming over her, “constant need to agitate him,” for an hour before he went back to sleep. She could hear him complaining in her head already. It made her want to laugh, and she had to put her hand over her mouth for a moment to keep quiet. She checked quickly that the alarm was set and fluffed up her pillow. In only a matter of minutes she was fast asleep curled up closely to her husband.
    Chapter 5
    Abby was frozen in place as she watched him putting his things into his bag. She had to force herself to start moving up the stairs now before he saw her staring at him. She put all her effort into it and shuffled up the stairs as quickly as she could. In her rush she only made it half way up before she fumbled on the stairs and everything dropped out of her hands. She mumbled to herself as she bent over to pick it up, "Stupid history book!" She grabbed the book, and as her hand reached for her syllabus, a hand came out of nowhere and scooped it up.
    "Oh. Thank you. I don't know what is wrong with me today."
    As she looked up, her heart almost stopped. He was a foot away from her, smiling - those eyes even brighter up close. She felt herself staring and had to blink to look away from him. She could feel her cheeks burning red. Abby wished her hair were down so she could hide it from him. He offered his broad hand to her and Abby hesitated before she took it and he helped her stand.
    "You're welcome. Um, I'll see you Friday in class I guess." The slight laugh in his voice was enough to confirm to her that he could see her blushing.
    "Um, yeah Friday. Yeah." Those were all the words she could find to say but at least her mouth was not hanging open. She walked away with a voice in her head screaming to tell him her name or to get his. His eyes were burned in her mind and she had no name to go with them. She turned around slowly and started to speak fast so that she could not change her mind or stop the words.
    "Hi, I'm Abby by the way; thanks again." She found herself speaking to an empty hallway. Looking around he was nowhere in sight. Where could he have gone so fast? Maybe it was all in her head, just a little daydream of seeing him up close. She shook off the feeling and turned back around. She could not help but look around for him on the way back to her room.
    When Abby reached her dorm she was still thinking about him. Why did she freeze up like that? Now she would have to wait until Friday to see him again; maybe she could get to class late and sit closer to him. Would he notice her? Would it seem creepy if she did? At least he had no clue that she had stood in her window yesterday and watched him in the courtyard. He would really think she was a crazy lunatic if he knew that.
    As soon she opened the door to her room, the phone started ringing - Aunt Melissa no doubt. She could hear Melanie in the bathroom, laughing and

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