The Black God's War

The Black God's War by Moses Siregar III Read Free Book Online

Book: The Black God's War by Moses Siregar III Read Free Book Online
Authors: Moses Siregar III
thrilled to have another heir, wouldn’t he?”
    His voice lost its swagger as he said, “That’s probably true.”
    “What’s wrong?”
    “Nothing. Everything’s fine.”
    “How was the ceremony? I know your father would’ve liked to have been there.”
    His warm, brown eyes focused on her again. “It went a little long. I’m glad it’s over. Now all that’s left is for Aayu and I to decide what we want to do.”
    You’d better not even think about joining the war. “It’s almost over, isn’t it? Almost ten years now, and they still haven’t taken the citadel. Your father wants you to stay in Kannuaj.”
    “I know, but we’re sages now. My father needs all the help he can get.”
    “They don’t need you or Aayu. They’re doing fine without you. Your father will be angry if you go. My father isn’t an easy man to get along with, either.” Her father, the supreme general of Pawelon’s army.
    He took in a deep breath, then expelled it all at once. “Probably right again.”
    Narayani kissed Rao’s neck, then his chest, and on down below his firm stomach. She looked up and batted her painted eyelashes, biting one side of her lower lip. He stared back, breathless. She savored feeling in control of her lover, the Prince of Pawelon.
    “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you.”
    Rao swallowed and nodded.
    Without warning, a blinding light poured through the enormous windows overlooking the fertile lands of Pawelon. A wave of heat flushed through the room. Rao jumped out of the bed and pulled up his long pants. He ran to the window and stared down at the rows of crowded streets surrounding the palace.
    Narayani covered herself with the sheet and sat up. “ What was that?”
    “The storied solar flash. It means … their Haizzem is the leader of their army. He’s their Dux Spiritus now.”
    “I thought he was too young?”
    “Exactly. I’m only a year older than him.” Rao’s head moved from side to side as he collected his thoughts. “They—they’re not doing what they were supposed to.”
    “You said the Haizzem wasn’t going to fight until he’s older.”
    “That’s always been their history. They’ve abandoned their tradition.” Rao rubbed his forehead. “This changes everything.”
    “Then maybe peace is coming. Maybe he doesn’t want to fight.”
    Rao turned his eyes to her again. “There’s no chance of that. Retreat isn’t a word in the dogs’ vocabulary.”
    Narayani threw off the sheet covering her body. “Come back. I’m not done with you.”
    “Narayani, I’m sorry. I have to talk”—someone knocked upon the heavy door—“to Aayu.”
    “Rao … Narayani … stop kissing and let me in.”
    The worst possible time for my cousin to show up , she thought.
    “Hold on there, bhai ,” Rao answered his great friend.
    Narayani whispered, “Tell him to go away.”
    “I have to talk to him. Please get dressed.”
    “I’ve been waiting all day for you, Rao.”
    “Please. I need to do this.”
    After giving Rao an annoyed look, Narayani stood up and wrapped herself in her favorite silk sari, the one she wore the first time she met Rao and danced with him at the palace’s Navariti festival. Green with yellow patterns, it exposed her navel and one shoulder and fit tightly around her breasts. But she knew she had nothing more to offer Rao. She wasn’t going to be able to change his mind. No matter what she said or did, she knew he was going to leave her.

    Chapter 7: Trojan Gods
    RAO MANAGED TO SMILE, in spite of the sun’s ominous portent, when two hundred and fifty fleshy pounds of Aayu entered his chamber wearing a skintight saffron sage’s uniform.
    Aayu’s face still somehow showed his usual mirth. “What on Gallea is going on?”
    “This changes everything,” Rao said.
    “We’re definitely going now,” Aayu said.
    “What?” Narayani’s voice raised an octave and then came back down. “Rao, be rational.”
    “Narayani, if their

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