The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake 2)

The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake 2) by David Leadbeater Read Free Book Online

Book: The Blood King Conspiracy (Matt Drake 2) by David Leadbeater Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Leadbeater
gold nugget or two.
    “ . . . Blackbeard surrendered and accepted a royal pardon for himself and his men. What we don’t understand is why , for that brief period, because he soon returned to his pirating ways. It’s even more bizarre when you consider he purposely ran aground his flagship – QAR - to surrender in the first place. Act of a madman?” Harrison paused for a millisecond to breathe.
    “Blackbeard’s various travels are well catalogued, as well as most of his routes. Early assumptions are that he traded the device and its controller along the way. At least once. Maybe many times.”
    “How so?” Drake shot out the question just to get a break.
    “Blackbeard’s Claw.” Harrison looked please with himself.
    “He had a claw?” Mano Kinimaka, situated at the back of the plane, rumbled. “A bit like Captain Hook?”
    “Errm, no. Blackbeard’s Claw was a man, so called because he was a fierce fighter who led all of Blackbeard’s boarding parties. He terrified all men. Blackbeard most likely sold the device for a pretty penny and then sent his second-in-command to take it back.”
    No one laughed at the pirate half-reference. Drake was regressing and starting to wonder if the jet came equipped with parachutes, when Ben finally spoke up.
    “So where did Blackbeard get it?”
    Harrison shrugged faster than bolt lightning. “Who knows? Probably robbed it from another pirate. Maybe even from old Hornigold himself - the man who first made Blackbeard captain and gave him a ship called La Concorde, later to be renamed the Queen Anne’s Revenge.”
    “So this device,” Ben continued, “you have no idea where it comes from? What exactly does it do?”
    “Well, it’s a technology far beyond what we possess today,” Harrison told them, breathing deeply for a change. “And its origin predates the dinosaurs.”
    Kinimaka gasped. “Is that possible?”
    Drake was growing fond of the lovable jester. “Not unless you believe in aliens,” he paused. “Do not tell me this is another bloody alien theory, Harrison.”
    “No. No. No. There’s only one theory-”
    At that moment the TV screen behind the secretary’s aid switched itself on. “Ah,” the man went on, undeterred, “this is the ship as it looks today.”
    Underwater scenes flashed past - undetermined objects covered in crustaceans, caressed and embraced by the jealous seas for hundreds of years. The scene then switched to what could only be a museum, jam-packed with artefacts.
    “Thousands,” Harrison said to their surprised faces. “Anything from glass window shards to cannons and the great anchor.”
    Drake coughed. “So you’ve figured out the Blackbeard angle. We get that. How about this Blood King? You got anything on him yet?”
    Harrison’s face revealed the truth before his lips. “We don’t know who that is.”
    Drake gave him a fake look of amazement. “But you’re the U.S. government.”
    “The Blood King is a mythical figure. Doesn’t exist.”
    Kinimaka sounded shocked. “What? Like the dodo?”
    “No! Like the damn clitoris!” Ben shouted without thinking, and then sank down in his seat when everyone turned round. Even Hayden forgot her recent trauma for a moment to smirk.
    Drake turned the topic back around. “So you’re saying this guy’s a myth? After all that Hayden’s learned for you?”
    “We’re actively searching for him and, believe me, that’s a major understatement. Information on Ed Boudreau, however, is flooding in. We’ll get updated when we reach the ship.”
    The TV screen behind Harrison changed picture and suddenly Secretary of Defence, Jonathan Gates, was sat there, staring at them all.
    “Can you hear me on the plane? Hello?”
    Harrison died and went to heaven. “Ah, Jonathan. Good to see you. So to speak . . . haha. Well, yes, we hear you, umm . . . loud and clear!”
    Gates addressed the team. “Miss Jaye and Mr Kinimaka? Just wanted to say - job well done - under the harshest of

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