The Bonding

The Bonding by Victoria Hansen Read Free Book Online

Book: The Bonding by Victoria Hansen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Victoria Hansen
how strong and brave you are.”
    Kiri wanted to cry, and she had not cried in years, not since her conviction. Instead, she rewarded his kind words with a bold caress, her hand sliding down his body to trail teasingly through his pubic hair before tentatively touching his sex.
    Davin groaned in acute pleasure, but guided her hand away. “If you do, I won't be able to continue. I'm having a hard time controlling myself.”
    This pleased Kiri tremendously. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply, driving her tongue into his mouth. Davin growled, falling back onto the blanket with Kiri still on top of him. Her thighs fell to the sides of his, and her womanhood pressed against him. The prickling hairs against her most sensitive places brought her up short. Davin must have noticed her sudden nervousness because he rolled them both onto their sides, still locked in a passionate embrace, and wormed one hand between them, running his fingers through the moisture he had discovered. She gasped at the unexpected intimacy. If there was going to be any pain, it would begin now.
    But Kiri didn't know she was in the hands of a master. Davin's feathered lightly on her tender flesh. Her sex was weeping with desire, and he stroked at her entrance before dragginer her moisture across all the folds and creases between her thighs. His slick finger sought through the folds until he found an exquisitely sensitive spot, which he gently circled and caressed. Kiri fell onto her back, her thighs parting naturally, allowing Davin greater access to her, no longer needing to force herself. She felt a strong, almost painful sensation building, building.
Gods, this is phenomenal
. She squirmed and arched her back, trying to find exactly the perfect spot. Davin seemed able to read her movements and homed in until each circling of his fingertips tightened her down further into a dizzy haze of pleasure. She closed her eyes against the powerful sensation, finding herself poised on the brink of ecstasy.
    Then without warning, he abandoned the aching bud, and she almost wept in disappointment. He wasn't finished though. The finger returned to the entrance to her body and pressed deep, in gentle imitation of the consummation to come. His thumb returned to the spot he had been stimulating and she made a small grateful sound as his intimate exploration continued. It only took a moment before the pleasure gathered and burst. Shudders ran through the arches of her feet, her nipples tingled, and her passage squeezed down hard on Davin's encroaching finger. All thought, all emotion fled in the wake of ecstasy the likes of which she'd never imagined. A loud cry of pleasure tore itself from her lips as she ground herself against his hand, never wanting the moment to end.
    * * *
    Davin watched with pride as the orgasm ripple through her.
I had hoped I could get her there. She's so responsive, much more than I expected.
In the face of her fear, of her terrible memories, Kiri's pleasure had to be one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. Her dark hair seemed almost black in the firelight, and little patches of color reflected from the walls onto the pale skin of her naked body. Her eyes squeezed shut, but her lips parted, her hips squirming involuntarily.
    As the shudders subsided, Davin whispered against her ear, “You don't look like a warrior now, love. You look like a young maiden all undone, waiting for her first lover to come inside her.”
    “I am,” she gasped.
    “I suppose you are,” he replied, “And you're going to let me come inside you, aren't you, Kiri, in here.” His finger flexed inside her, and she shuddered once. “With this.” He guided her hand to his straining erection.
    “Yes, Davin, I want you.” He could hear from her shattered, eager voice that it was true.
    He rolled onto her, between her thighs. “Bring me to you.”
    Trembling, she guided his sex toward the opening of her body.
    “Tell me, Kiri. Tell me you

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