The Date Auction

The Date Auction by Wren Mingua Read Free Book Online

Book: The Date Auction by Wren Mingua Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wren Mingua
    “Goodbye, love.”
    When she closed the door, he splayed his arms across the back of the seat and heaved an exhausted sigh.
    At long last, the date auction debacle was at an end! He just wanted to go home, light up a cigarette, and curse William's name. Why did he let William get him involved in something so stupid? Date Auction . Who ever heard of such a ridiculous thing?!
    An image of Cora's face flashed before his eyes. She didn't seem like a bad girl, and he tried to be as polite as he could, but she just wasn't for him.
    As the taxi sped toward his home, Harry wondered why he didn't give her a fake phone number.

Chapter Five

    “Oh my god, you are soooooooo cute!”
    William couldn't believe his ears. He couldn't believe this beautiful woman, this epitome of perfection, would actually think he was cute. He had only just arrived, and her cooed compliment was the first thing out of her mouth.
    “You're even cuter in person than you are on tv.” His date reached over and ruffled his hair.
    He was curious. “Did you watch Brooklyn Rookie?”
    “Um, no. But my ex ex ex boyfriend used to watch it.”
    “Your ex... ex... ex?”
    “Three boyfriends ago,” the girl explained, which made William wince. If she had replaced her boyfriend three times over, his television show must have been more obsolete than he realized. “I'm Alaina Torres, by the way.”
    “Alaina Torres,” he repeated her name a bit dreamily. “That's a pretty name.”
    “I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm Mexican.”
    William shook his head. He wasn't actually thinking that. The only thing he could think about was the perfection of her face, from her full lips to her button nose to her shining brown eyes.
    “But I'm not,” Alaina went on. “My dad was Cuban, and my mom was Squaren.”
    Alaina erupted in a fit of giggles, which might have been annoying if she wasn't so ridiculously pretty. “Cuban... Squaren. Cube. Square. It was a joke.” She tossed her chocolate hair over her shoulder and winked at him. “Actually, my mom was Austrian. I mean... she wasn't from Austria, she didn't live there, she's just of Austrian descent. And that's Austria, not Australia. I used to get those two countries mixed up all the time.”
    William simply nodded his head.
    Alaina spun around and wiggled her rear end. “Do you think my butt looks good in these pants?”
    “Um... yes.” Good was an understatement. He didn't think Alaina Torres' butt could possibly look better.
    “Good. Because when I was heading out for our date, my mom said I had sack ass.” Alaina whirled in his direction and gave her hair another toss. “But I don't like it when my pants are super-tight. It's just not comfortable. Oh, and I don't live with my mom or anything like that, she was just visiting me. So...” She cocked her head as she studied him. “Where are we going to eat?”
    “We can go wherever you want to go.” If she wanted to go to Hell and back, he would have happily followed.
    “Cool, because I'm kind of in the mood for a burger,” Alaina said. “I really like Five Napkin Burger. Have you ever been there?”
    “I can't say I have.”
    “Well, you'll love it.” Alaina seized his hand and pulled him in the direction of the restaurant, which was only a few blocks away. “They have really greasy burgers, but I mean that in a good way. I like greasy food. I like it when a burger is so greasy, the grease is just dripping off your fingers.”
    “R-really?” The thought of it turned his stomach, but he wasn't about to criticize such a gorgeous creature. “You don't look like you would enjoy greasy food.” He was referring to the fact that she was, at the most, a size 4.
    “I have a fast metabolism,” Alaina explained. “Extremely fast. After I eat, I'll have to poop it out in twenty minutes.”
    “O... kay.” He couldn't remember the last time he had been subjected to such strange conversation on a first date.

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