The Devil Makes Three

The Devil Makes Three by Julie Mangan Read Free Book Online

Book: The Devil Makes Three by Julie Mangan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Julie Mangan
    “But it’s true. Are you wearing the necklace?”
    My hand flew instinctively to the jewelry and I clutched at the charm hidden beneath my shirt. “No.”
    “You lie. I bet you never even took it off.”
    “Do you have a point?”
    Corbin laughed softly and the sound made a shiver run up my spine. A good, but very bad, shiver.
    “I want you to go to the stacks.”
    “Yes, now. You do know how to use the stacks, don’t you?”
    “I’m a history major. What do you think?”
    “Go to the Crim section on the third floor. AJ735.5 EN. You’ll find a red bound book with gold lettering on the binding. Inside it is an envelope. You’ll collect the envelope and hold it until I come to get it from you.”
    “That’s all?”
    “No. I picked that area for the drop off specifically for two reasons. The first you can probably figure out for yourself considering what we just talked about. The second is because it has low visibility. The chances of someone seeing you are few, but if you find that you are not alone don’t take the envelope. Instead, take a stack of books and settle down on the floor in front of it as if settling in for the long haul. Don’t pick the specified book among them. Avoid that book until you are completely alone.”
    “What’s in the envelope?”
    “Again, questions that you shouldn’t ask. Let’s just say it’s safer all around if you know as little as possible.”
    “Is it sealed? Because if there’s something missing that should be in it, I don’t want to get blamed.”
    “It’s sealed, but I’m glad you’re thinking of these things. If it isn’t sealed put it back and walk away.”
    “I’ve got classes to think of you know. How often am I going to have to do this?”
    “Don’t worry. I won’t work your ill-manicured fingers to the bone. You’ll have plenty of time for study.”
    “My fingers are not ill-manicured.”
    “Temptress, you dig in dirt for a substantial portion of your income.”
    I eyed my fingers and grimaced. My cuticles could use some attention and the nails were cut down to avoid accumulating dirt. “Polish isn’t practical for me.”
    “Have you ever heard of gloves? They are marvelous inventions that also keep a crime scene from identifying you.”
    “I don’t think anyone will take fingerprints where I’ve been.”
    “As long as bodies aren’t exhumed.”
    “I’m done with this conversation.”
    “Good, because I’ve got work to do.”
    “Should I call you when I have the envelope?”
    “No. You couldn’t even if you tried. Your phone recognizes the number to identify me, but won’t call me back.”
    “That’s bull. If you can call me, I can call you.”
    “Technology, Temptress. Learn to love it.” With that, Corbin hung up.
    I growled at the phone in frustration and flipped it shut then shoved it in my pocket. Angrily gathering my bag and books together, I sauntered off to the stacks to find the proper section. When I found it, I realized how right he was. Not only was the place deserted, but it was creepy too. Not exactly funeral home freezer creepy, but more of a deserted, never seen the light of day or person with a personality sort of creepy.
    Finding the proper aisle took no time at all but I circled the area as if lost, searching for people. When I found no one, I proceeded to the area in question. The book sat on the top shelf. Taking a quick tour of the area once more, I searched for a stepping stool, but came up empty handed. I was just going to have to get creative. Grimacing, I stepped up on the bottom shelf and reached for the book. The weight of my backpack pulled me backwards, and I fell before I could touch the binding. Setting my bag on the floor, I tried again, but came up just short of reaching the book. Taking another step onto the second shelf, I immediately regretted it. The entire shelf shifted and the books from the top shelf pummeled me as they observed the laws of gravity. Quietly I

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