The Eye of Moloch

The Eye of Moloch by Glenn Beck Read Free Book Online

Book: The Eye of Moloch by Glenn Beck Read Free Book Online
Authors: Glenn Beck
Tags: Politics
didn’t lose a finger, or worse,” Hollis said.
    “There was never a doubt in my mind.”
    “I know.” He took a long breath and then another moment to weigh the wisdom of broaching a subject too long avoided. This was neither the time nor the place, but it never was, and that’s why some necessary things get left unspoken until it’s too late to make a difference. The two were almost out of earshot of the others, and this seemed as good an opportunity as any. “We need to have a talk about that, I think, on the odd chance that we ever get to see another sunup.”
    “A talk about what?” Molly asked, and she turned her face to him.
    Nearly all the scars from her injuries of that awful night were hidden inside; by outward appearances her gaze was as clear and bright as it had ever been. Though she could no longer see your eyes to look into them, she nevertheless had a way of looking toward you that somehow reached in deep to seize even more of a human connection.
    “Doubts,” Hollis said. “And how it might be healthy for us to entertain one or two of those right now.”
    She frowned a bit. It wasn’t a hint of anger or hurt, but only empathy that showed on her face. “Go on.”
    “I don’t want to have a fight about it, not here in the middle of all this.” Now that he’d taken the platform he found he didn’t know where to begin. “With all respect—”
    “It’s okay. Say what’s on your mind.”
    “All right, then. We lost your mom, and then we lost Danny, we lost Ben Church yesterday, and now we’ve got the full force of the U.S. government after us—”
    “Not the government. The people are the government.”
    “All right, then, not the government. Some freelance military-armed battalion of uniformed yahoos from the corrupted bowels of what the government’s become. Does it really matter? I stopped trying to keep track of all the jackboots when the Department of Education got their own SWAT team. The point is, we’re marked as shoot-to-kill enemies and they’re after us, with everything they can throw at us. And yesterday they chased us right into the only helping hands available, and those hands, I’m sure you noticed, were attached to some genuine homegrown, goose-stepping, brown-shirted, skinhead Wyoming Nazis. And now they’re coming after us, too.”
    She was clearly still waiting for him to come to his point; just stating the obvious wasn’t getting them anywhere.
    “Molly, I need to ask you, now. You and I, and these few people—what is it exactly that we think we’re trying to do?”
    “That hasn’t ever changed. We’re going to show the American people the truth and keep on fighting for the future of our country.”
    “How are we going to do that? With what?” The others were beginning to notice this side discussion but he was fully committed now, and come to think of it, nothing was being said that they all shouldn’t hear. “You know I’d walk straight into hell for you—”
    “It’s not just me. We have to make it about more than just me.”
    “But listen. You have to know that if we lose you, it’s all over.”
    “But you’re not going to lose me—”
    “We almost lost you yesterday, and it’s my job to protect you.”
    “You’re not alone in that, Hollis. I’m already protected.”
    “Oh, are we gonna talk about God now? Because I don’t think I cantake it if you’re going to tell me that God got us out of that fix we were in back there.”
    “And the next time you speak to God? I hope you’ll ask Him for me, why in His infinite wisdom He reached down His all-knowing hand and got us into that fix in the first place.”
    “Okay, shh. Okay. I won’t talk about God.” She touched his arm, and her grip was firm and reassuring. “Just tell me what you’re afraid of.”
    And there she’d seen to the heart of it, as she always seemed to do.
    His voice was low when he finally spoke again. “I’m just about at the end

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