The Girl With No Past

The Girl With No Past by Kathryn Croft Read Free Book Online

Book: The Girl With No Past by Kathryn Croft Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathryn Croft
her room so we can be alone to talk about all the things that are bothering me. One glance at my friend shows me that she must feel the same because she raises her eyebrows, shrugging in apology.
    When we finally escape from Mrs Bannerman’s tirade, it is nearly half ten and we will be expected to go straight to sleep. We will just have to whisper, though, because I have no intention of wasting this sleepover actually sleeping. Not when I need to grill my friend about Corey and tell her some very personal things. Things I don’t want any parent hearing. Or any other person for that matter.
    Imogen has set up the blow-up mattress next to her bed and is already cocooned in her duvet when I emerge from the bathroom, my mouth tasting of mint. The only light in the room comes from the small round bedside lamp, and I let it guide me to the mattress before flopping onto it and pulling the thick woollen sheet around me. I’ve stayed at Imogen’s so many times since we met and find it strange that nobody has ever thought to buy a spare duvet. But I don’t care tonight; I am just glad to be here.
    ‘Sorry about Mum,’ Imogen says, pulling out a bag of Haribo from under her duvet and offering me a sweet. ‘She just gets lonely cos Dad’s always working. She likes to have company.’
    I pull out a fizzy cola bottle and stuff it in my mouth, but it tastes foul mixed with toothpaste. ‘It’s fine,’ I lie. ‘We can talk now, can’t we?’ One thing I have learned is that friendships need sacrifices, and I feel good that I have made one tonight. ‘I saw Corey after school. I think he was looking for you.’ I study Imogen’s face, trying to gauge her reaction. But she only sighs and continues chewing one of the many sweets she has shovelled into her mouth, so it is impossible to know what she’s thinking.
    Finally she speaks. ‘Do you think he’s nice? You know, in that way?’
    I sit up, almost choking on my sweet. ‘I knew you liked him. You do, don’t you?’
    Imogen pulls the duvet over her face. ‘Shuddup! I don’t like him. Not really. As a friend of course…’ She trails off and I lean over to drag her duvet back down. I take in my friend’s features, and for the first time wonder if Imogen is scared to admit she likes Corey because she doesn’t think she is attractive. I have never dwelled on Imogen’s appearance because to me, she is just Imogen. My friend. The girl who saved me from loneliness. So how she looks or dresses doesn’t matter. Imogen has always been fairly plump but it isn’t something people immediately notice. Out of school, she usually wears jeans and t-shirts, but all the girls do so that isn’t a problem, even if Imogen’s are always slightly ill-fitting. Her hair is thick and blonde and that is bound to be a bonus. Don’t all the boys love blonde hair?
    I run my fingers through my own dark hair and thank God I don’t care what boys think of me. I can’t name a single one in our school who I find attractive and not for the first time I wonder if there is something wrong with me. What if I’m not attracted to boys at all? I consider this for a moment but shake it off. There is no way I like girls, so it must be just that there is no one cute enough at school.
    ‘Okay, I do like him, but please don’t tell him,’ Imogen says.
    ‘I knew it! But why not? Why don’t you want him to know?’
    She scrunches up her face. ‘Oh come on! Look at me! Why the hell would Corey be interested in me?’
    ‘Because you’re friends. And you’re great. A beautiful person.’ As soon as I blurt it out I regret it. I may as well have just said it doesn’t matter about her size because she’s got a great personality. What am I thinking?
    But Imogen laughs. ‘Thanks for trying, but no. I don’t want him to know. I like things how they are. It’s nice with the three of us hanging around together, isn’t it?’
    I have to agree. We have all become close and it means that nobody else in

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