The Instructor

The Instructor by Terry Towers Read Free Book Online

Book: The Instructor by Terry Towers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terry Towers
excited about finally lighting the torch he found endearing.
    As much as he hated to do it, he decided they would need to discuss the "situation" as it was. He by no means wanted to end it , whatever it was at this point. On the other hand there were three other instructors and twenty students whose eyes took in every interaction the two of them had. Discretion would have to be the key if he wanted anything to develop between them.
    "Tell me everything ," Vicki ordered, as she and Faith walked out onto the patio of Vicki's home. Faith walked over to the wicker patio table and sat down into one of the white patio chairs, while Vicki closed the glass sliding door behind them.
    "Nothing to tell," Faith said, pretending to focus on stirring her iced tea.
    "There is something to tell, I know it!" Vicki sat down across from Faith, leaning back into the chair as she eyed her suspiciously.
    "How do you know?" Faith cocked her head to the side as she raised her eyes to meet Vicki's.
    "I can tell by the look on your face, and if something didn't happen yet then I would be very disappointed in you."
    "Disappointed for not screwing my instructor? That's fucked up even for you Vicki," Faith said, raising an eyebrow at her friend as she look a sip of her iced tea.
    "Forget that he's the instructor. Bottom line is he's a fine man. One that I know you have an attraction for, and I also know the feeling would be mutual." Vicki gave her a smug nod of the head as if to bring the point home.
    "You're relying on an awful lot of guesswork and assumptions."
    "Just admit it so we can get to the juicy details now, while there is still time before we're interrupted." Vicki craned her head to look into the house, ensuring they were still in no danger of being disturbed or overheard.
    Heaving a loud sigh, Faith leaned forward over the table. "Fine. Today after classes."
    Clapping her hands, face beaming with delight Vicki asked, "So. Was it everything I said it would be?"
    Faith gave her a wicked smile. "And more."
    "You lucky bitch you." Standing, she walked over to the large barbeque and flipped open the lid. "So how did it happen?" she asked while busying herself with preparing the barbeque for supper.
    "After classes, in his office." A gust of wind blew her dark hair wildly around her as she took another sip of her tea. "He confronted me about my avoiding him."
    Turning with a wire barbeque brush in hand, Vicki waved it at her. "I still don't get why you would avoid him in the first place."
    "He's my instructor. People talk. I'm pretty sure it's not something the college likes to promote. I didn't see ‘fuck your instructor’ written in the course syllabus."
    Vicki bent down and began to fiddle with the propane canister. "That's what makes it all the more exciting don't you think?"
    Faith didn't respond, but simply laughed. Leave it to Vicki to dismiss the ramifications.
    "So what do you want from him?" She turned away from the barbeque to look Faith squarely in the eye.
    Faith sat up straight and thought for a moment. What did she want? What could she expect to happen? "I-I'm not quite sure yet."
    "Well take my advice and snag him if you have the chance, men like that don't come around every day."
    Narrowing her eyes at Vicki, Faith finally asked, "So why didn't you snag him while you had the chance?"
    Vicki paused for a moment then reached for the patio door handle. "It's complicated. Let's just say I would have done things a lot differently if I could have done it again." She slid the door open and stepped into the kitchen. "You're staying for supper and I won't take no for an answer."
    Vicki disappeared into the kitchen, presumably to go get the food for the barbeque, leaving Faith somewhat curious about her vague answer.
    As she suspected the test that Tony had waved under her nose the previous day had been easy enough. She flew through the questions checking them off and was the first to hand in her paper. As she

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