The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online

Book: The Law of Attraction by Kristi Gold Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristi Gold
    â€œSays who?”
    â€œSays me. First, you’ll have to walk back and it’s crazy on the river tonight. You wouldn’t be safe.”
    â€œYou can drive me back to my car.”
    â€œI thought about that, but that would mean we’d have to getdressed, and I prefer you without clothes.” He slid his hands down her bare back and gave her bottom a squeeze. “And even if I did take you back, that means you’d have to drive home with all the drunks. I’m not willing to let you do that.”
    â€œThen you’re going to hold me here against my will?”
    â€œI’m going to hold you against me all night.”
    Alisha’s heart took a little tumble over the sincerity in his voice, the sudden softness in his expression. He brought her mouth back to his and kissed her again. A surprisingly tender kiss, gentle and thorough and thought-robbing. She now faced two options—forcing the issue and demanding he let her drive home or staying with him until morning.
    But he was right—driving could be costly in terms of her safety. And being in his bed could prove costly in terms of her emotional distance. Yet when he nudged her aside and stood, staring down on her with his gorgeous body in full view and his hand extended for her to take, she didn’t hesitate.
    Daniel Fortune might be dangerous, but he was the kind of danger she could definitely enjoy on a daily basis.

    D aniel awoke the next morning to find the space beside him unoccupied. He sat up and rubbed a hand down his chest, hoping the hot redhead hadn’t fled without at least telling him goodbye. He also had another pressing issue—the tent he’d pitched beneath the sheet. Making love in the morning was among his favorite pastimes, and frankly having more of Alisha Hart this morning sounded like an excellent idea.
    He crawled out of bed and discovered he was stiff in a few places he hadn’t expected. Sex on a couch had a disadvantage in terms of comfort, but he wouldn’t change a thing. The only thing he’d change is the fact they’d both fallen asleep before they’d utilized his bed. He’d just have to mark that down on his to-do list, provided Alisha agreed. He intended to ask as soon as he found her.
    Without bothering to dress he began his search in the bathroom, but he didn’t discover her there. No one in the guest room either. He walked into the living room and found it deserted. Next stop, the kitchen, where he came upon a pot of coffee brewing but not the missing defense attorney. He did find a note taped to the refrigerator. After pouring himself a cup of the brew, he pulled the paper down and read the scribbled words.
    I had a great time last night, Counselor. Here’s my number. Just keep it off the bathroom wall.
    His laugh was part amusement, part disappointment. He’d planned to spend the day with her since neither would be required to work, even though he had plenty of work to do. But the day wasn’t close to being over, and hopefully a phone call would remedy her absence.
    Alisha Hart was one hell of a woman, and he didn’t intend to let her get away that easily. At least, not until he argued his case.
    When Alisha answered the phone, she expected to hear her mom or dad wishing her a happy new year. Instead “Why did you run off without waking me up?” came through the line in a deep, provocative tone.
    Daniel Fortune was more intoxicating than ingesting a barrel of moonshine. Just the sound of his voice nearly caused her to drop the receiver. “I tried to wake you, but you were snoring away.”
    â€œDid I keep you up with my snoring?”
    â€œNot really.” She hadn’t minded it at all. But she hadn’t slept all that well either, mainly because she’d been in a strange bed with a man who by all rights was practically a stranger. However, she had gotten to know him much better last

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