The Lightning Prophecy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 1)

The Lightning Prophecy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 1) by Emily Cyr Read Free Book Online

Book: The Lightning Prophecy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 1) by Emily Cyr Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emily Cyr
That’s not what friendship is. I will fight because I’m the only one left to do it.” Damn, where was my soapbox?
    “Look, there was a lot going on with this case, so I asked a friend to help me out. He’s an alpha from Atlanta. He is in DC right now looking over a few things there with another murder in this case. So, until he gets here, you can tag along. I don’t want you out there trying to get yourself killed … or worse.”
    “What’s worse than death?” I said with a confused look. I mean, death is pretty damned final. There’s really no coming back from it.
    There was a pained expression on his face. “Not dying can be substantially worse than dying.”
    God, I wished I hadn't even said anything now. Just as fast as the pain came to his face it seemed to leave.
    He gave me a slight smile and said, “Look, I’m meeting with the investigator tomorrow and I can meet you afterward and go over what I have found out. Because Sierra has been found to be a witch the police have turned over the investigation to the Coven and that’s me.”
    “Well, it’s better than nothing.” I wrote my number on what seemed to be the only thing I had lying around, an old Walmart receipt. “What time are you meeting with the investigator? That way I know when to meet you after?” I gave him my most honest smile.
    “Ten A.M. So, I’ll meet you at noon. How about I buy you lunch?”
    “Great, sounds like a date.” The words just fell out … He raised one of those beautiful tawny eyebrows at me. Belatedly, I tried to correct myself. “Oh, I mean not a date as in a date, but, oh never mind.” This man seemed to scramble my brain and erase my brain-to-mouth filter.
    “I’ll see you tomorrow, Delaney,” he said as I closed the door behind him.
    There was no way I was letting him meet that investigator without me. I wasn't sure what I looked forward to more, the look of shock on his face when he saw me there tomorrow or just seeing his face. I really needed to find a way to tame my inner slut, because this bitch was going to get me into some serious trouble. Reid Jamison was off limits. No matter what that slut thought.

    WELL THAT WAS… unexpected. Delaney Hagen was supposed to be just another interview. She was anything but just another anything. I could not get my mind off that female. Her light-brown hair kept catching the light just right and her body . And those storm-cloud eyes. She was sexy as hell. When she grabbed my hand and shocked me, my cock had a plan of its own and I had a hard time not jumping on her. Humans and witches were off limits. I would not watch them grow old. Witches may live longer than humans, but weres have them both beat. But, damn she had fire. I had not lived this long to just be undone by some female. I had to get my mind back on the case I was being paid to solve. And being paid quite a bit to solve. Hell, maybe having a witch help would prove useful, and with powers like Delaney’s, the possibilities were simply endless. Possibilities like pinning her to the wall and fucking her until we were both senseless. Uh, yeah I am not going to do that. Focus, Reid .
    Ten murders all along the east coast, over the last five months on and around the full moon. Clearly someone was trying to change witches to weres. This was one little fact I had neglected to tell Delaney. She had enough surprises for one day. I honestly found it a bit surprising that she did not know about werewolves, but she did seem a bit sheltered. It was common knowledge that only humans can be changed into werewolves.
    Why in the hell would someone be killing witches in hopes they would rise were? There had to be another reason for the killings. My head was reeling. I wonder what information Mitch is digging up in the DC area . Mitch, the alpha from Atlanta whom I worked with here and there, was, all in all, a close friend. While I worked better alone, I had a feeling from the start I would need his

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