The Military Mistress

The Military Mistress by Melody Prince Read Free Book Online

Book: The Military Mistress by Melody Prince Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melody Prince
“Are you still nervous?” He asks, his voice shaking. I just nod as I run my hands up his chest. “Me too,” He says as he leans down and kisses me again. He positions himself between my legs, and then I feel the pressure at my opening and he's inside me. I gasp with the initial feeling that he's there. He thrusts slowly at first, kissing me at the same speed. It's sweet. I wrap my legs around him as he begins to pick up speed. I moan into his neck as he's kissing my earlobe and down my neck. It sends little shocks with each kiss he places all the way from my ear to my breast where he kisses and sucks before coming back up to my lips and kissing me again. His thrusting is getting faster, and I move my hips to meet each one of his thrusts I begin to kiss down his collarbone, and I feel him groan and the thrusts get even faster. I moan as I feel him go in and out of me. He kisses my lips so intensely as he thrusts one last time, and finishes. We both breathe so heavily, and smile at each other. What were we nervous about in the first place?
                  We both lay back, and I lay in his arms with my head resting on his bare chest. I feel his lips press against the top of my head and it sends shivers down my spine. As much as I shouldn't feel this way I don't think I've ever been happier than I am right now in this moment with him.

    Chapter 7
    Well, it's official. I am the other woman. If it wasn't official before it really is now. I wake up the next morning and I'm still laying on his chest. He's still sleeping peacefully and I smile seeing him here in my bed makes me happier than it should. I keep my window open in the winter because in Arizona it doesn't get too cold and I like the cold and fresh air it bring into my room. Normally I just cuddle underneath the covers move, but Jake has always had a very high body temperature so I just cuddle closer to him, and my movement must've disturbed him enough because he stirs a little, and I try not to move as I look up at his face. I see his eyes begin to open slowly. They open for a second and then I see a smile stretch across his face, and he pulls me closer in his arms. I love that feeling. The feeling that he wants me, and that he likes being here with me it makes me feel so special.
                  “Morning,” He says softly.
                  “Good morning,  how did you sleep?” I ask as he stretches.
                  “Pretty good, I thought I heard some noises and I thought it was your dad coming home though,” He says, his brown eyes are fully open now.
                  “Really? I don't think he's home I would've heard him Im sure,” He shrugs, and I get out of bed to go see. I look at the loft where my dad's office is, and he isn't there, and if he isn't there then I know he isn't home. I go to his room and open the door just to make double sure, and I was right he isn't home. I go back to bed and lay on my side next to Jake.
                  “The coast is clear you worry for nothing,” I say, and he places a quick kiss on my lips.
                  He picks up his phone and for a quick second I see the screen and I see Amy texted him. My smile fades with the reality that as much as I want to believe it is just him and me in our little world, it isn't. He's still married, and I'm still the other woman. He doesn't even bring up the fact that Amy texted him, and I won't dare to either.
                  “My mom asked where I spent the night last night,” He chuckles, and I manage to laugh a little with him.
                  “What are you telling her?” I ask.
                  “I'm just saying I stayed at Cody's” I nod. “Want to come over for breakfast?”
                  “At your moms? No, that's so weird, then she will know you stayed here,” I shake my

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