The Mystery Cruise

The Mystery Cruise by Gertrude Chandler Warner Read Free Book Online

Book: The Mystery Cruise by Gertrude Chandler Warner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gertrude Chandler Warner
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swimming?” Violet questioned.
    Eagerly, Benny shook his head.
    â€œSwimming and lunch by the pool would be nice,” Jessie said. “It will be our last day to do this.”
    â€œWe’ve got tomorrow, Benny said hopefully.
    â€œTomorrow is Saturday, and we sail into Nassau,” Henry explained. “We’ll be ashore most of the day.”
    â€œOh,” Benny said, nodding. “That’s right. I forgot.”
    The Aldens hurried to the pool and spent the rest of the morning swimming, and eating hotdogs and drinking milkshakes for lunch.
    Later, as they sat on deck reading their library books, Heather walked by. “Hello,” she said, stopping briefly. “I see you’re having a little quiet time.”
    â€œI don’t feel quiet,” Benny said, holding up his book. “I’m reading The Missing Dog Mystery. ”
    â€œIs it exciting?” Heather asked.
    â€œVery!” he exclaimed.
    â€œSit down, Heather,” Jessie offered and she smiled, pointing to the empty chair next to her.
    Heather shook her head, then glanced around and saw Melissa Rand. “I’m sorry. I can’t,” she said abruptly, and hurried to catch up with Melissa. The two walked down the deck and disappeared around the corner.
    â€œIsn’t that weird?” Violet said in a puzzled voice. “Heather never has time for us, yet she seems to have time for the Rands. I wonder why.”
    Jessie frowned. “I wonder, too. She’s always hurrying away from us.”
    â€œIt’s as if Heather’s afraid of us,” Henry said. “Maybe,” he speculated, “she’s trying to hide something.”
    â€œRemember when she first came on board?” Violet asked.
    â€œYes,” Jessie replied. “Heather received roses from ‘C’!”
    Henry nodded. “Could the ‘C’ stand for Carla?”
    â€œOh, no!” Violet said, horrified. “You mean Carla might be paying Heather to help her?”
    â€œYes,” Jessie answered sadly. “That’s why Heather doesn’t want to talk to us!”
    â€œI think Heather’s just bashful,” Benny said, then added with a grin, “like Violet.”
    Violet’s cheeks grew slightly pink, but she smiled.
    Henry closed his book. “The Rands used to work for a French cruise ship,” he said thoughtfully.
    â€œIt’s possible,” Henry continued, rising, “that the Rands could have been hired by their French ship.”
    â€œAnd,” Violet said, “they’re trying to sabotage the West Wind because it’s a rival cruise ship.”
    â€œThat way, their ship would get more passengers,” Jessie said. “But we have no proof of any of this!” Changing the subject because she was so puzzled, she asked, “Who wants to play shuffleboard?”
    â€œI do,” Henry replied.
    â€œMe, too,” Violet said.
    Benny leaped up. “Me, three!” he echoed. “I’m ready to go.”
    So the four Aldens headed for the shuffleboard deck. Tom Bishop, standing by a Coke machine, received a telegram from the steward. Hastily, he read the words, then stuffed it in his jacket pocket when he saw the children. “Hi, kids,” he called. “What’s happening?”
    â€œNot much, Tom,” Benny said, taking a shuffleboard stick. “Want to play a game with us?”
    â€œWhy, not?” he asked, taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves. As he removed his jacket, the telegram gently fluttered to the deck.
    The game didn’t last long. Tom won, and he laughed. “Next time,” he said, putting on his jacket, “we’ll play Monopoly. I’ll bet you can beat me at that.” With a wave, he was gone.

    Jessie put up her shuffleboard stick, and as she did so she noticed Tom’s telegram. She picked it up and read the words: JUST TWO MORE DAYS AND WE’LL BE RICH!

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