The Palomino Pony Comes Home

The Palomino Pony Comes Home by Olivia Tuffin Read Free Book Online

Book: The Palomino Pony Comes Home by Olivia Tuffin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Olivia Tuffin
standing quietly in the back of the horse lorry. Georgia gently reached out to stroke her muzzle and although the pony flinched, she didn’t pull back. Georgia was able to run her hand down the palomino’s cheek, still slightly damp from her river adventure.
    Melanie looked through the cab door. “She’s definitely a beauty,” she said. “In spite of the grime and dirt.”
    Luckily the motorway was quiet as they got underway again and a few hours later the horse lorry was pulling into the drive of Redgrove Farm.
    Sophie came out to greet them, a look of curiosityon her face. To Georgia’s relief there was no sign of Tory.
    As they pulled down the ramp, Lily gave a startled whinny. Georgia approached her slowly and led her out, taking her to a stable where she filled up the water buckets and fluffed up the deep straw bed.
    “I’ve called the vet,” said Melanie, poking her head over the stable door a few minutes later. “He’s coming round to check her over in the next half an hour.”
    “Thank you,” Georgia said. “Please can I sit with her, just so she’s not frightened?”
    Melanie smiled. “Of course, but take care. Remember she’s nervous so she may do something unexpected.”
    “Sure,” Georgia said quietly. Wilson and Callie had come in for the night, so Lily wasn’t in the yard alone. They stood staring in fascination atthe new arrival.
    Dan yawned. “You know, I think I’m going to get home now,” he said. “I need a hot bath.”
    “Of course,” said Georgia. “I can’t ever thank you enough, Dan.” She stood up and smiled at her new friend.
    “OK, well, see you tomorrow?” said Dan, looking a bit embarrassed. “Maybe I could stop in after I’ve seen to the cows?”
    “That’d be great,” Georgia said, grinning from ear to ear. “You saved Lily’s life. I’m sure she’ll be pleased to see you.” She put her head down and murmured the rest into Lily’s mane. “And I’d love it too…”
    As she waved Dan off, a battered old Land Rover turned into the yard and a tall, wiry man got out. The vet had arrived.
    “Hi there,” he said as he unbolted the stable door. “So who do we have here?”
    “Lily. She’s very nervous,” Georgia explained.
    “She certainly is, isn’t she?” he said, running his hands down Lily’s legs and listening to her heart before finally taking her temperature. Lily trembled violently, but she didn’t resist. She obviously sensed that the vet’s intentions were good.
    “She’s fine, but you’ll need to keep an eye on her tonight after the shock she’s had today,” the vet advised. “I’ll come out tomorrow and check on her again.” He smiled at Georgia, who was still wrapped in the pony rug. “You look exhausted. If I were you I’d go to bed too. Have a warm bath and an early night.”
    Georgia started to protest but Melanie, who had appeared behind him, agreed. “Come on, Georgia. You must look after yourself. And your mum is desperate to see you.”
    “All right.” Georgia sighed. “As long as I cancome back first thing in the morning.”
    “Of course you can,” said Melanie. “And in the meantime, we’ll take good care of her.”

    Georgia let out a deep breath as she submerged herself in the bath. Luckily, once her mother had heard all about the little pony and why Georgia had felt compelled to save her, she had understood. Although she was still concerned about Georgia’s schoolwork, she could not bear to hear about an animal being mistreated.
    Georgia had never been so grateful to have a hot bath. She must have lain in the hot water for at least an hour, revelling in being warm and clean again. She washed her hair and was just drying it, wrapped up in her fluffy dressing gown, when her mother called up the stairs, sounding anxious. “Georgia, Melanie’s on the phone.”
    Quickly Georgia bounded down the stairs andgrabbed the receiver. After a few moments of listening she spoke firmly. “OK, I’ll be right

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