The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes

The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes by Warren Simons, Rose Curtis Read Free Book Online

Book: The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes by Warren Simons, Rose Curtis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Warren Simons, Rose Curtis
hospitality industry.
    • Extensive hands-on experience in virtually every area of hotel operations, from staff supervision and customer service to marketing and sales.
    • Adept at recognizing areas in need of improvement and applying vision to develop and execute effective action plans.
    • Friendly, outgoing, charismatic; easily adapt to new environments and changing priorities.
    • Able to relocate internationally; fluent in Arabic and proficient in French.
    Summary of Qualifications
    □ Proven success in operations management, training, and administrative support.
    □ Develop, streamline, and implement procedures and programs that improve efficiency and reduce costs.
    □ Analytical and innovative; coordinate tasks and resolve problems within quality standards.
    □ Excellent interpersonal and communication skills; cultivate productive relationships by working effectively with students and staff at all levels.
    □ Advanced educational background includes master of science in College Student Personnel.
    Summary of Qualifications
    ➢ Demonstrated history shattering quotas and increasing both growth and profitability in the telecommunications industry.
    ➢ Fluent understanding and extensive experience managing multiple facets of telecommunications departments, including sales, marketing, technical support, and engineering.
    ➢ Diverse equipment knowledge; in-depth understanding of optical transport, digital cross-connect systems, wave division multiplex systems, and digital loop carriers.
    ➢ Various remote and interoffice networking capabilities.
    ➢ Excellent communications skills. Effective problem solver and team player.
    Summary of Qualifications
    ■ Over 20 years of experience in business management, with expertise in business operations.
    ■ Strong business acumen; possess master’s degree in Business Administration from UCLA.
    ■ Expert sales ability, proved by eight consecutive years of revenue growth.
    ■ Multitalented, dedicated, and hardworking, ensuring future success.
    ■ Diverse computer skills with proficiency in multiple software programs.


    The Professional Experience section, which also can be labeled Professional Background or Professional History, is the most difficult section to create. This section is where your professional career is described, and it should give potentialemployers a clear idea of what you’ve accomplished, the industries in which you’ve worked, and the people with whom you’ve collaborated.
    This section of your resume combines your job responsibilities or duties with targeted accomplishment statements . The difference between the two is that a responsibility statement explains the essential elements of the job and is similar to a job description. An accomplishment statement , in contrast, describes the particular effect you had; this can be in the form of increased efficiency, productivity, and revenues or decreased expenditures, downtime, and waste. A good tip for creating effective responsibility statements is to begin the sentence with “Responsible for” and complete the statement with a description of your general duties. Another good way to differentiate the two is to write the responsibility statement in paragraph form and the accomplishment statements as bullets, helping these significant achievements stand out on the page.
    A vital component of professional resume writing is prioritizing your accomplishment statements to show a prospective employer your greatest attributes and contributions. Start with quantifiable results, such as years of experience or number of employees managed, and then move on to less significant results at the bottom of each job description.
    Additionally, your resume should serve as an overview of your professional career, not take the form of an essay. Knowing what information to include and exclude is extremely important. Some areas to showcase in this section include

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