The Staff of Kyade

The Staff of Kyade by James L. Craig Read Free Book Online

Book: The Staff of Kyade by James L. Craig Read Free Book Online
Authors: James L. Craig
Tags: M/M romance, fantasy, The Bestiary
let your past drive you, but I won't let it drive me crazy. I am fighting for my love for Shin, devotion to Mina, kindness to the people of Yamato, and loyalty to Kyade. I will not let you win. Do you hear me Ujaama? I will not let you win!'
    The Ujiima's power rose and his light engulfed the entire town. His celestial power and strength were back. He was more powerful than ever.
    'Ujiima, I give you my strength to vanquish this evil,' chanted Kenji.
     'Ujiima,' Jun added, 'although misguided, I am no longer a fighter for darkness. As emperor, I too give you my strength.' Using their strength from all those they loved, Kenji and Jun gave their energy and essence to the Ujiima.
    'No,' said a troubled Ujaama, 'this can't be happening! I was so close!'
    'My brother, as long as love exists in this world, you will never win,' said the Ujiima.
    'Damn you, brother, damn you!' screeched the Ujaama.
    'Your time here is done. Be gone!' commanded the Ujiima. The Ujiima gathered all his celestial energy in his horn and emitted it in a beam that struck through the heart of the Ujaama. He was pierced all the way through. The Ujaama had been defeated. His body slowly dissolved back into the slimy tarlike goo and seeped into the ground. The Ujaama, even though defeated, started to laugh.
    'Why do you laugh at your defeat?' pondered the Ujiima. 'Has it not sunk in that you have lost?'
    'That is not my reason at all, oh foolish brother of mine,' retorted the Ujaama. 'I may have been defeated, but I still have powers that you cannot take away. I may not be able to come back to earth in this form, but I will continue to manipulate souls into doing my bidding. In the years to come, wars, diseases, and plagues will be released by my will. I will find new minions and cause destruction and chaos forever. You may think you have won, but evil can never truly die.'
    'Indeed, you are right, my brother, but I will bring about peace to combat your wars, healing for your sickness, and blessings to combat your plagues. I too will have followers, so even still, my brother, we are at a stalemate. Now be gone, you naïve soul,' spoke Ujiima with resolve.
    At the Ujiima's words, the Ujaama dissolved completely into the earth. The moon reappeared and bathed the town in its gentle light. Everything that had appeared with Ujaama was gone. Kenji ran to Shin.
    'Shin, are you alright?' Kenji asked. The orb Shin had been in was gone, but Shin was unconscious.
    'He is fine, he just needs rest,' said the Ujiima.
    'Thank you for everything that you have done, Ujiima,' said Kenji.
    'No, Kenji, thank you, but it is time I take my leave,' said the Ujiima.
    'Where will you go?' asked Kenji.
    'I will become one with the sky so I can watch over the world. However, there is one last thing I would like you to do for me.'
    'Write down everything that you have seen in your lifetime and have Shin and Jun do the same, so that everyone can know of your heroism and how the world owes itself you.' Before Kenji could respond, the Ujiima's body split into beams of light and shot up towards the sky.
    'Thank you, Ujiima,' whispered Kenji as he gazed into the sky.
    "And that is the legend of how the world was saved and how Kyade was rebuilt. Of course, no one really knows the truth because it was so long ago, but because of the stories Kenji, Shin, and Jun wrote down and shared, the story has been passed down from generation to generation."
    "Wow! Grandma, that was a great story, but what happened to Kenji, Shin, and Jun after that?" asked Mamaru.
    "Well, Mamaru, Jun apologized again to Kenji and Shin and to make up for what he did, he helped rebuild Kyade. Kenji and Shin left Yamato with their daughter Mina and lived the rest of their lives in peace."
    "That's amazing. Grandma, do you think I can save the world one day?"
    "Well," she laughed," I don't know about saving the world, but if you work hard you could change it. All you need is a good heart and a little bit of

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