The Sunset Prophecy (Love & Armageddon #1)

The Sunset Prophecy (Love & Armageddon #1) by P.J. Day Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sunset Prophecy (Love & Armageddon #1) by P.J. Day Read Free Book Online
Authors: P.J. Day
You wanted features on small alpha males. Like those midgets on the reality shows with pit bulls?” proclaimed Maggie.
    Franz grumbled to himself. Spencer eyed Maggie and shook his head.
    “Eccentricity. I wanted features with successful young males who were different, yet still fashionistas . So different they could be considered freaky, abnormal, possibly grotesque,” Adam declared. He turned his attention toward Harry. “Harry, what you got?”
    “ Umm...I finally got an interview with Kobe Bryant,” Harry gleefully responded.
    “ Really, what’d he say? Did he talk about what happened in Colorado?”
    “ No, umm...”
    “ he feuding with Shaq again?” Adam asked.
    “ Maybe, but he didn’t say...”
    “ it a controversial interview, did he reveal anything out of the ordinary? Did he tell you the secret to his success is biting players on the court? Did he ever bite Phil Jackson? Does he go commando?”
    “,” stammered Harry.
    “ Too clean of a story, drop it. What else you got?”
    “ Umm, I have the story about Matthew Nix, amateur boxer extraordinaire out of Pacoima who’s about to have his Olympic qualifying match at the Grand Olympic Hall off 2nd Street.”
    “ What about him?” Adam asked, growing more impatient.
    “ He grew up in a tough neighborhood. He fought gangbangers. He’s an incredibly good-looking guy,” Harry said. He held up a photo of Matthew. The blond-haired, blue-eyed, square-jawed young man resembled Thor, but clean-shaven.
    Spencer gasped and said, “You’re right. He could be a supermodel, and he puts that face on the line every time he enters the ring?”
    Harry nodded and beamed at Adam for approval.
    Adam put his fingers to his chins and contemplated Harry ’s submission. Adam thought to himself, Theolodus would have to be ridiculously handsome, successful, and full of an insatiable need to administer justice in order for him to woo the most beautiful women in L.A. and then gain their confidence. Matthew fit that role perfectly, and Adam excitedly pumped his fist at Harry. “Is he known for biting his opponents in the ring? Has he pulled a Tyson and bitten off someone’s ear?”
    “ Not that I know of,” said Harry. “Rumor has it that he has a pair of lucky socks.”
    “ A fashion angle. Okay, go for it with Matt Nix.”
    Frieda raised her hand, ready for her pitch.
    “What you got, Frieda?”
    “ I have Lt. Hanz Ratliff. The best-dressed policeman in all of L.A. Works out of the Rampart division. Has cleaned up corruption and Hugo Boss has decided to sponsor his uniform.”
    “ Does he have a dark side?” said Adam.
    “ The coroner hates his guts.”
    Adam reflected. “Why would the coroner hate this policeman? Lt. Hanz Ratliff probably infiltrated the morgue, why else?”
    Spencer raised his hand. When Adam nodded at him, he said, “I like the Hugo Boss tie-in. I can call them and tell them we’re doing the cop uniform story and sell them the back cover.”
    “Brilliant. Make it so,” said Adam.
    Tracy squirmed in her seat, as she always filled herself with undeserved pressure. She had worked for Smithsonian Magazine before she took a job with Estil and was very eager to please Adam by adding a little bit of culture to the magazine. She was credited for discovering top young artists, authors and directors before they all hit the big time. As Adam searched the sea of mediocrity for the whereabouts of Theolodus, he appreciated Tracy’s dogged pursuit of potential candidates.
    “I have a couple of painters,” she said, as she stood up from her seat. “One is named Bobby Smith. He’s a graffiti artist, spray paints churches.”
    “Very bold,” Adam said. “ What’s he look like?”
    “He’s young, dresses exceptionally hip, but he’s missing an eye.”
    “No, no...we can’t have that. On second thought, hang on to his story, just in case. What else you got?”
    “ Logan Drake. He paints with blood,” said Tracy, holding

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