The Sword that Binds (Book of Worlds 1)

The Sword that Binds (Book of Worlds 1) by David Taran Read Free Book Online

Book: The Sword that Binds (Book of Worlds 1) by David Taran Read Free Book Online
Authors: David Taran
too human, and the horns that extended from its forehead. For some reason it ran on its back two legs for the most part, with the front two reaching out for the trees around it and using them to launch itself forward, causing the massive crashing sound whenever it landed, followed almost immediately by another launch. The rate it was closing the distance between them was terrifying, and Sarena redoubled her efforts to escape desperately.
    “Why does this have to happen to me!” She screamed as she ran, knowing that there were only moments left before the beast had caught up to her.
    T yrus had felt the creature’s aura the second it had entered his range, and knew that they stood no chance against it. Raw strength and rage radiated from it, along with a primal feeling, as if the beast was as ancient as the forest. Even after all of the effort he put into his partner, he had no doubt that it could tear them apart in a heartbeat. Their only hope was to escape. And even that hope was dashed when he discovered how fast it could move, traversing the forest at a speed far beyond what he had expected. His mind worked itself into a frenzy, trying to think of a solution as they ran through the forest. He could only provide power and guidance his companion’s footsteps as she ran. There was only one idea that came to him, one he had considered before while widening the channels within her. While he was only able to provide power to his partner and could affect nothing else besides her, he suspected that if she could draw on his power directly then she might be able to use it to fight. There was an instinctual knowledge of how his power worked within him, but he hadn’t thought it would be necessary so soon. If he was to help her survive this he was going to need to work fast.
    Delving back within himself, he looked at the latticework around his core, looking for a point to work from. Time was short, so instead of inspecting all of the beams Tyrus went to the one that stretched into the hilt, where that light blue vine extended from. Simultaneously he stretched a tendril of power into his partner, finding the channel within her right hand, the closest one he could find. He began weaving his power into a complicated structure between the two, working entirely by instinct. Slowly a golden shell began to form, incredibly fragile, yet still somewhat functional, covering that blue vine entirely. He continued weaving it as fast as he could, knowing time was running out but still trying to reinforce the new channel as much as he could.
    The beast’s presence was only one pounce away, and Tyrus had no time left to complete it. She would have to use it as he continued to work, but he was at a loss as to how to tell her that. The situation left him desperate. His instincts didn’t have an answer this. All he could rely on was himself, and he had to do it now. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as he felt the beast’s hand closing in on his companion’s back. Tyrus pushed everything he had at Sarena and felt something shatter within himself.
    “D uck!” A voice resounded within Sarena’s mind, causing her to lose her concentration and stumble. She fell to the ground and rolled forward, hearing a whistling sound and feeling something pass through the air above her. Sarena was back on her feet and running instantly. The sound of the creature falling behind for a moment almost made her cry in relief. It must have over-extended itself trying to grab her and lost its balance. That would only give her a few more moments of time, but it was enough to put a little distance between them.
    “Yes! That wasn’t exactly what I meant for you to do, but you’re still alive!” The voice was back, and obviously excited.
    “Great, now I’m going insane and hearing voices before I die,” Sarena mumbled. “I thought being scared into insanity was nothing but a saying.”
    “Wait, you can actually hear me? And I can hear you? This is

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