The Temporal Stone (The Morgan Sisters)

The Temporal Stone (The Morgan Sisters) by Suzy Turner Read Free Book Online

Book: The Temporal Stone (The Morgan Sisters) by Suzy Turner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Suzy Turner
leant on her walking stick. 'I wish I knew what was really going on.'
    Walking around her desk, she stood in front of Wilbur before turning to face the young girl.
    'I once read somewhere that pixie trolls have the ability to manipulate time. I don't know how they can do it or why they would even want to. But fortunately, we don't seem to have been affected, which means the Skulls are probably unaffected too. I'm not sure about other supernaturals, though.'
    'Can we stop them? The pixie trolls, I mean?' Daisy asked.
    'Of course,' answered Eleanor, 'I'm just not sure how,yet.'
    'We do have another problem though,' she said to Wilbur, 'these trolls also have the ability to become invisible so we have no idea where they are. And, if they so much as lay a finger on us, we become exactly like the humans - stuck in time.'
    'Just another day at the office then, Eleanor?' Wilbur replied with a grin.
    Eleanor's head fell backwards as she let out a deep throaty laugh.
    'Exactly,' she winked as she turned around and slowly walked out of her office.
    'Follow me.'
    'Where are we going? What are we going to do? What about my dad? Shouldn't we go and get him and the others?'
    As they walked through the tunnels of the underground, Eleanor eventually stopped in front of a small door that Daisy hadn't seen before. Pulling out a necklace from beneath her sweater, she used the key dangling from it to unlock the door.
    'Your dad will be fine, Daisy. He's working with Oksana and Brody, today. Don't worry about him, they're working on something below ground. They're probably not even aware of what's going on. I'm more concerned about all the students who are out visiting different parts of England today.'
    They walked through a large area filled masses of boxes, until they reached another door. Opening it, Daisy was startled to find nothing but a small room with a single desk and a computer.
    Eleanor smiled. 'It might not look like much, but this is where we keep all information about, well, pretty much everything, really.'
    As Wilbur switched on the computer and sat down in front of it, Eleanor explained. 'Over the years, the Watchers have kept a detailed record of everything supernatural. On this computer, you will find mountains and mountains of information about every supernatural being that has ever walked this Earth. Out there,' she said pointing back out through the door, 'you'll find the same information. In here, it should just be a little quicker to go through,' she smiled.
    'Pixie trolls,' said Wilbur as he stood up and allowed Eleanor to sit down and look at the screen.
    With a grin, Eleanor turned towards Daisy, 'This should tell us exactly what we need to know to be able to sort out those pesky little monsters.'

    They watched in silence as Salisbury Cathedral loomed in the distance. There was something calming about it. The beauty of such a historic building mesmerised them as they drove slowly through the town, narrowly missing the cars and pedestrians in the street.
    'There!' Elliott suddenly yelled, pointing towards the base cathedral. 'There's someone down there. It must be one of the Watchers.'
    Squinting, Declan noticed a girl running towards the entrance.
    Putting his foot down, he turned the vehicle off the road and began driving across the spotless green lawn until they stopped directly in front of the main entrance, where the girl had disappeared.
    'She must have gone inside,' Lana said as they inspected the area around them, not seeing her among the statues of people.
    'We should go in,' Emma said.
    'What if she's a Skull, though?'
    'No, she wasn't a Skull,' replied Declan, 'She's too frightened. She's a new Watcher, I think the changes happened to her today.'
    'Oh she must be terrified. We need to go and help her,' Emma said as she went to open the car door.
    'Hang on, Emma. We don't know where the trolls are. She was lucky not to have been touched. Elliott, can you give us some flames? Lana,

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