The Ultimate Fight

The Ultimate Fight by K Harris Read Free Book Online

Book: The Ultimate Fight by K Harris Read Free Book Online
Authors: K Harris
looked away to whomever was trying to get her attention. Recognizing the girls from earlier too he knew for a fact that this was   ‘the her’  he found himself fantasizing about all day.
    He returned to the private area looking over the balcony through the crowd for the mystery woman. Finally he spotted her near the dance floor sipping her drink watching her girls dance. Although she looked really different being out of her work clothes and into a blue and white striped body con dress that accentuated every one of her curves. The only reason he knows that specific brand of dress is because his sister and mother wear the same. Waiting on baited breath he watched from a distance for his chance at her being alone again. His brother got his attention because it was time to do the cake and toast. By the time he got back to his spot she was long gone. He started to think the girl was whodini or some sort of an illusionist cause she just vanished. Going to the restroom to get himself together and prepare to swerve with some female in the V.I.P. area, he was shocked to see they had newbies in the lion’s den.
    "The bad ass girls finally arrived in this piece." Davey whisper yelled.
    "They brought the dud though." Toby said. "But she does clean up nicely."
    "Not as nice as her girls though." Davey continued.
    He noticed she had walked away from her friends to look over the railing just as he had when he was looking for her. The friends were trying their best to look glamorous thinking he would give them some attention. They both said happy birthday and with a thanks he kept it moving leaving them with his boys since they said they were so bad. Finally she was alone dancing to the music, he took his chances getting all up in her personal space. She stiffened for a second but continued to sway her hips to the music. Barron was hypnotized by her body and his member kept trying to get the best of him by rearing its mushroomed head. Holding on tight to her waist with one hand and the rail with the other they grooved together song after song. Females all through the club was pissing green glob like they were packed full of hot gonorrhea from the attention he was showing this chick they considered as basic looking.
    "Come sit with me." Barron whispered into her ear causing a shiver to go down her spine. Instead of answering she just nodded her head.
    "What can I get you to drink sweetie?" Barron asked smoothly. Making eye contact with him for all of two seconds she asked for a cranberry margarita. He ordered two tequila shots, her margarita, and a corona for himself.
    "Can I get your name?"
    "Mya, yours?" The nervousness in her voice when she asked for his name let Barron know either she really had no clue who he was or she was a good actress.
    "My name is Barron. It's nice to meet you."
    "It's nice to meet you as well."
    "What brings you out tonight?"
    "Well honestly my girlfriend’s made me come out tonight spouting some crap about me being too boring. Also my best friend couldn't make it down here so my plans had changed at the last minute. Having already gotten prepared to go out tonight we came here. What about you?"
    "Birthday party." He said and gave a head nod to a fellow fighter as he passed. Where had she been when they sung happy birthday and he gave a short speech? How come she didn't know who the birthday boy was? Barron thought it was very refreshing for a change that a female wasn't throwing herself at him for being B.A. the fighter but allowing Barron the man to chase the woman. Even if it might be just for one night he was going to enjoy this, so telling her who he was did not sound plausible.
    "Ooohhhh yea my girlfriends were telling me about some boxer or something like that being his birthday party. They were going on and on about him. I guess they found him since I haven't seen them in a while."
    "You think so?"
    "Yea that's what they do. I knew I should have drove myself." Barron knew who her friends were and

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