The Virtual Man [The Virtual Reality 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

The Virtual Man [The Virtual Reality 1] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Nikki Sinclaire Read Free Book Online

Book: The Virtual Man [The Virtual Reality 1] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Nikki Sinclaire Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nikki Sinclaire
somehow she had a feeling this one was responsible.
    “Computer, replace the default robe with a fluffy white and very opaque robe.”
    In the blink of an eye, the computer replaced the skimpy piece of lingerie with a soft, fluffy white robe protecting her nude body from his gaze.
Did my Personal Attendant just pout?
    Stepping out of her bedroom, she walked into a deserted, rustic, rooftop café with a view of what was probably late-nineteenth century to early-twentieth century Paris. She could see the Eiffel Tower in the background.
    “Please step this way, mademoiselle, your breakfast awaits you.” The French accent was pitiful. She was glad to at last find a flaw in his programming.
    She followed her attendant past a small dance floor with an adjacent bar, which she assumed was for nighttime use, and took a seat at a white wrought-iron, glass-topped, table at the far edge of the brick terrace, overlooking a boulevard. It was set with a single place setting of fine, all-white china and sterling silver flatware. At the center of the table, a single crimson rose stood inside a thin, finely cut crystal vase.
    As she sat at the table, the robe slid off the top of her legs, parting to the sides and exposing everything below the belt to her Personal Attendant’s gaze. With a mischievous grin, he quickly snapped her linen napkin open and, availing himself of the opportunity, placed it on her extremely bare lap while innocently caressing her thighs. Ignoring the flush his action caused, she directed her attention to the food before her.
    “Wait a minute.” She stopped sniffing the exotic aroma of her favorite coffee. “How did you know my favorite breakfast is cinnamon rolls with bacon and eggs, not to mention my special brew of coffee?”
    “Fret not, mademoiselle. In order to better serve you, I linked to Earth through the galactic-net and downloaded your restaurant records for the past five months. Cinnamon rolls, bacon and scrambled eggs topped with a tall cup of Brazil Ipanema Bourbon coffee were a recurring theme, specifically at the bistro which you seem to frequent.”
    “Oh. Thank you,” she stated with not much conviction as she took her first bite. “You also downloaded the recipe, didn’t you? How many privacy laws have you broken since last night?”
    “Mademoiselle, how can holographic programs be subject to either Earth or intergalactic law?” he asked with a devilish grin.
    “I’m not a Legal-Bot, but I’d say the woman that programmed you, not to mention the owners of this ship, are in deep crap.”
    “What makes you think I was programmed by a woman?”
    “Let’s see, your outfits are fashionable and color coordinated and, well, somehow I think the design of your physical attributes was carried out by a woman who obviously appreciates such things. However, my guess is that your predecessor was probably designed by a man. Not as handsome and rugged as you.” She smiled, then frowned.
    Wait a minute! Am I flirting with a computer program? I really need to start dating. Tiana, you’re pathetic. This is not healthy, this is not natural.
    “You don’t seem to have a very high opinion of the males of your species,” he stated, maintaining his devilish grin as he sat next to her.
    “Let’s just say I am not terribly impressed with their character, their ethics or their loyalty.”
    “Tiana, I am so sorry, it sounds like you have had some rough bumps in your life and with your loves,” Derek replied with a true note of compassion in his voice.
    Tiana laughed. “While the word bump,`` particularly on a log, a rotten one at that, accurately describes my ex-husband, it does not come close to describing his actions.”
    It felt good to laugh. It had been ages since she had laughed, at least while sober.
    “Derek, you are luckier than you know. Being a hologram, you don’t feel, so you will never have to suffer through the emotions of loneliness, sadness and betrayal. That’s the worst one,

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