Three Weddings and a Dress

Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Martinez
Tags: General Fiction
skirt. As a bride dress I really didn’t like leather however that’s beside the point, the point is…It was too short.
    The material barely covered her buttocks. I use the word because that’s what Heidi would say. Cecelia had black hose that stopped at the thigh held up only by the lace at the top.
    She had her long black hair pulled up in some elaborate style, and her makeup looked very faux to me. I was scandalized to my core.
    She did not look bride-like at all.
    At least her blouse was a little more modest. Its silver sheen molded to her body, and covered her breasts except for the V at her neck.
    I would worry all night. Hoping that whatever this party was, she wouldn’t break her neck walking on those spiked heels. She actually teetered on the scrapin’ things as she weaved around the bedroom gathering things into her purse, all the while her excited chatter continued.
    She stood in front of me when she snapped the phone shut. Her attention focused and she smiled.
    “Bella.” She threw a look over her shoulder at the closed door and then lowered her tone to a whisper. “I found a place to live. It’s perfect. I’m really going to have a life on my own. If you were a person I’d kiss you.”
    My see-through bolero quaked along with her happiness.
    “I’m going to celebrate my new beginning at my Bachelorette party. No one will know except my good friends. It will still symbolize the same meaning though.”
    Cecelia twirled around the room. I sucked in my bodice sure she’d trip and break her neck. By some miracle she made it to the door, slung the strap of her small purse over her shoulder and winked at me.
    “Don’t worry, someday I’ll meet my prince charming. First freedom! Wish me luck.”
    I did wish her luck. Though it saddened me that if she did, I wouldn’t be part of her dream wedding.

Chapter Four

    Pandora’s overflowed with bodies who couldn’t find a place to sit. Weaving her way through the masses, Cecelia finally spotted her friends.
    Several women from the firm, some of her cousins and Chandler’s cousins were all attending. The only guests she cared about were her four best friends.
    They knew the real reason for celebration, Cecelia’s liberation from Wilson-Evans and new beginnings.
    “Here’s the bride-of-honor.” Someone shouted as she neared the long table.
    Decorations and balloons clung to chairs, littered guests and ceiling. One of her friends must have reserved the entire front section of the bar. The area was center-stage where the male dancers came out to frolic every night at eleven.
    Skye stood on her chair and clicked a knife against her cosmopolitan. “Toast to the happy woman.”
    Joy, Rae and Fanny all climbed up to teeter next to their friend. Cecelia held her breath and hoped she wouldn’t lose all of them in one crash to the floor.
    “To Cecie, may your life be happy.” Skye raised her glass.
    “May your time be one filled with adventure.” Rae lifted hers.
    “May you have a wonderful new existence.” Fanny heaved her wine glass up.
    Last Joy held up hers. “And may you never be bored.”
    A girl who looked vaguely familiar, maybe one of Chandler’s relations raised her glass, before she clicked to Cecelia’s she asked. “They expect you to have that with Chandler?”
    Without answering Cecelia clinked everyone’s glasses and sipped the cocktail her friends had ordered. She intended to have all those things.
    The receptionist from Wilson and Evans shot to her feet, “Toast. May you dance with a cute stripper tonight. After all it may be your last chance.”
    Little did the girl know. Cecelia grinned and took another sip.
    Toasts rang around. During the course of an hour, cocktails graduated to kamikaze shots.
    Drums reverberated, the sound pinged off the walls and people. It was Pandora’s signature announcement of their showcased dancers.     
    Tall, slick and good looking stepped onto the stage. Hips gyrating as he sensually

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