Three Weddings and a Dress

Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online

Book: Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Martinez
Tags: General Fiction
the second hand stores she loved to browse, looking for bargains. Sandra Wilson would faint dead away if Cecelia had ever brought home any of the treasures she’d spied when shopping with her friends.
    Renewed energy gripped her. “Let’s go.”
    She pushed to her feet in exhilaration. She pumped her hand in the air and accompanied it with a loud “Yes.” Heat zipped up from the pit of her stomach as people turned to stare.
    What the hell, she didn’t care.
    It had to be a sign her friends had found the perfect rental where she could start her practice and live.
    “Come on. Let’s get out of here before we’re thrown out for causing a scene.” Rae clutched Cecelia’s elbow and practically pulled her from the Deli.
    For some reason, Bella ran through her mind. Since she’d tried on the dress her life had been on a rocket to change.
    Not yet complete, though she’d set the changes in motion.
    Twenty minutes later, Cecelia stood on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building with two of her closest friends. She wished Fanny and Skye were there also.
    A house warming party with her four BFFs crossed her mind. It would happen.
    She titled her head to let her gaze travel the glass walled building. It was perfect. Taking a deep breath, she linked arms with her friends and pulled them toward the door.
    The doorman—the building had a doorman, she felt a shout bubbling up again—nodded his head in greeting and instructed them to where their sales person waited. She almost pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.
    Cecelia could hardly wait while the woman unlocked the door, but once in… The place took her breath away. Somehow, she’d pictured herself in a hovel not an elegant residence with Italian marble countertops. She’d been saving for eight years for this moment.
    She deserved the best. Who cared if she was supposed to have shared this with Chandler?
    “I’ll take it.”
    Rae and Joy gasped in unison then gaped at her.
    “You can’t take the first apartment you see.” Rae explained to her as if she were mentally challenged.
    “If it fits all my needs and it’s in an ideal location for business. Why not? Think of all the people in this area who need an attorney who specializes in trusts, etc. It’s perfect.”
    The sales person had stepped out to give the three friends time to discuss, she re-entered the room in time to hear what Cecelia had decreed.
    “When would you like to move in?” The confident woman seemed to know to assume it was a done deal.
    It worked.
    With Rae and Joy shaking their heads in wonder, she signed the paper work.
    “Wait a moment.” The woman frowned at Cecelia. “Your identification says Cecelia F. Wilson.”
    Cecelia explained the situation, hoping the woman would work with her. “I will bring all the legal documents for my name change after the hearing. In the mean-time you have my references, salary history, taxes and bank statements.”
    A frown wrinkled the woman’s brow. “I don’t know. You’ve admitted you’re going to quit the firm and start your private practice here in your home office…”
    Rae cut in to remind, “And you have a copy of her savings. Do the math. She can live here through the lease without earning a dime.”
    Her forehead smoothed. “There is that fact. I will need to have those documents as soon as possible though. Your new bank account information for direct withdraw for your monthly rent. It’s a requirement.”
    Cecelia stuck out her hand. “Deal.”
    Once on the street, she turned to her friends. “Do either of you have a futon I can sleep on until I get furniture?”

Dear Diary;
    What’s a Bachelorette party?
    The flowers woven into my Alencon lace crinkled in confusion. My bride or I guess my non-bride, had her phone between shoulder and ear, in a very uncomfortable looking position, while she chatted about something called a bachelorette party.
    I must say I’m a little shocked at her attire. Her black leather

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