To Protect His Mate

To Protect His Mate by Serena Pettus Read Free Book Online

Book: To Protect His Mate by Serena Pettus Read Free Book Online
Authors: Serena Pettus
Tags: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter
I will.” Abraham saw his brother to the door then shed his clothes as he moved to the back of the house.
    A good run would help him to cool down and collect his wits before Stephanie came over. He’d be cool and calm, show her that he was accepting of her past and prove his love to her in any way he could.
    * * * *
    “This is your last appointment, Stephanie, I promise.” Francine was anxious to get out of the office, too, so Stephanie couldn’t fault her if one more person happened to come in.
    Glancing at the chart, she noticed he’d never been into the clinic before. “A new patient and in this weather?”
    “He claims to be suffering from a stomach bug.” Francine shrugged. “I’d feel bad if we have to close for snow days and the poor guy is really that sick.”
    “It’s fine. He’ll probably just need some meds to get him through the worst of the symptoms while the virus runs its course.” Stephanie took the chart and started up the hall to the exam room.
    She remembered to text Sarah, to tell her that she was almost ready to leave, right before she knocked on the exam room door. “Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson.”
    “Good afternoon,” replied the middle-aged man, sitting on the exam table. He was average-looking in every way. Average height, average weight and plain looks. He was someone who would blend in anywhere he went.
    “So, it says here you’ve got a stomach bug?” A glance at his vital signs showed everything to be within normal limits.
    “My stomach just stays knotted.”
    Hmmm…. Most people would elaborate, but his answers were rather short. He was sweating, but there was no fever, and he tapped his foot as if he were nervous or impatient.
    “Do you have a stressful job, Mr. Johnson? Perhaps, you’ve developed an ulcer.”
    He cocked his head and regarded her for one awkward moment before he grinned. “It’s actually become a little easier this week.”
    “Well, that’s good, but you should definitely look into ways you can alleviate some of that stress. You’d be amazed at how much it can affect your body.” She was all set to deliver her speech on stress induced health issues, when he rose and began to pull on his jacket. “Are you cold?”
    “Not really. I’m just getting ready.” His tone was calm and casual as he slipped his gloves on and placed his hands in his coat pockets.
    Stephanie felt an ominous itch at the back of her neck. The air in the room seemed to change instantly. Suddenly, she knew that this man was no patient.
    She half turned, reached into her lab coat, where she had her phone stashed in an inside pocket, then quickly scrolled to and hit Sarah’s name on the screen. She pulled out her prescription pad, giving the illusion that that had been what she was doing, and left the device in her pocket. Stephanie had the feeling she’d need both hands free but hoped Sarah would be able to hear what was happening.
    “So you think this may be an ulcer and not the beginning of a virus?” He gave a small smile. “Well, that makes me feel a little better. Would you suggest antacids then?”
    Thinking perhaps she was mistaken, Stephanie quickly jotted down a script for an antacid and another for nausea…just in case. She really would feel bad if he suffered during this storm.
    “Here are a few scripts for you. The pharmacy should still be open, but hurry over, in case they decide to close early, too.”
    She handed him the slips and opened the door to the exam room. He smiled and shook his head. “Ladies first.”
    “Thank you.” As she slipped past him, another wave of unease flowed through her. She turned to shake his hand and bid him farewell. At the same time, she heard a soft click. She saw a blur of silver just before a fiery burn erupted in her upper arm. Mr. Johnson stood before her with a switchblade in his hand and murder in his eyes. Her instincts had been spot on!
    “Francine! Call the police!” she screamed while dodging another

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