Torment by Lindsey Anne Kendal Read Free Book Online

Book: Torment by Lindsey Anne Kendal Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lindsey Anne Kendal
you,” he told me.
    “Why would it frighten them?”
    “You haven’t seen Lilith’s temper or what she is capable of; it’s frightening. Since you’re her daughter, you’ll be capable of the same things, and from what I’ve seen, I think you have her temper too.”
    “It would be nice if they were frightened of me; I might be able to live in peace then,” I said.
    He didn’t stay too late, so I was alone all night, but I was so tired that I didn’t really care. Then I spent the following two weeks with Lilith mainly. She introduced me to her husband, and gave me a tour of some of the Palace. It was incredibly beautiful and very gothic. The room I was in had been mine since the day I was born. It had been kept clean ready for the day I would come here. She’d studied me as best she could while I was growing up, so she knew what I did and didn’t like. So the room was exactly to my taste. Rich red carpets, deep-red walls with a black-and-silver pattern on them, three large dark wooden cabinets and two large wardrobes to match. There were big black sofas, both velvet, and a cast-iron and glass coffee table in between them.
    I was introduced to some of the Lords and Ladies who lived on the Palace grounds, along with other Dukes and a couple of the guards. Some of them gave me the creeps a little; one of them seemed to glare at me all the time and look me up and down. Whenever I looked over at him he would grin at me. It seemed like wherever I went he was there and he was really creeping me out. Eligos noticed and told him that if he looked at me again he would rip his eyes out and burn them to a cinder. The guard never looked in my direction again. That was when I saw how scared people were of annoying him.

Chapter Seven
    How It Used to Be
    “That’s your lot for tonight,” I told them “I’m sick of the sound of my own voice.”
    “Can I just ask one more thing?” Danny asked.
    “Go on.”
    “He is feared, Eligos, isn’t he? You’ve just said as much.”
    “People there know what he’s capable of.”
    “Do you?”
    “No, I know some of the things he can do and I experienced a few before. I don't know everything, but I would love too, and some people down there know a lot, that’s why people don't cross him.”
    “Someone out there could kick his ass, I’m sure,” Tyler said coldly.
    “Maybe, but I doubt they could kill him. Let me put it this way, he has never lost a battle or a fight in all the years he has been in Hell, not that I know of anyway.”
    “Wow!” Danny said.
    Tyler turned to face him and threw him an evil look.
    “I’m sorry,” Danny told him, “but I admire the guy.”
    “Right well, time for me and Lily to be off,” I said, walking over to her and grabbing her hand. “We’ll see you later.”
    I led her out of the room, grabbed my car keys and we made our way to my car.
    “Shouldn’t I get changed first?” she asked.
    “No, we’re not going to a bar.”
    “Where are we going then?”
    “I don't know, just for a drive or something.”
    “Oh good, I wasn’t really in the mood for a bar,” she confessed as she got in the car.
    We drove through the town and parked up next to the harbor. We went in a local store and got ourselves a bottle of water each, and then walked along the decks and sat on the end, our legs dangling over the edge.
    “I like this place,” I told her.
    “I’ve never been; it’s lovely.”
    “Lucian brought me around here. It’s really peaceful.”
    “He came around here when you’d gone; he went in a café around here too.”
    “That was the first place we went out to on our own,” I smiled.
    “He was heartbroken you know. He tried to be brave for everyone else but you could see he wasn’t coping very well on the inside.”
    “I didn’t want him to feel like that.”
    “He cares for you a lot, Keira.”
    “I don't know what to do.”
    “I have three questions for you. One, do you care for Lucian as more than a

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