Touched by a Thief

Touched by a Thief by Jana Mercy Read Free Book Online

Book: Touched by a Thief by Jana Mercy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jana Mercy
Ian. Gerard will kill you if he finds you in our bedroom.”
    For the briefest second she thought something dark and heated flared in his eyes. Jealousy? But she decided she must have been wrong, because he laughed. “He might try.”
    God, would that ever be a cock fight if Gerard and Ian came face-to-face. Both arrogant, sure of themselves, each thinking they were the dominant male, each would have to prove they were the alpha. She clenched her thighs, trying to tamper her mounting sexual awareness. If ever she were going to be a third in a threesome, she’d want Ian and Gerard completing the triangle. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth, trying to force the image of both men, naked and vying for her attention, licking her, touching, caressing, one forcing her mouth around him while the other pounded her pussy.
    “Besides, why would he care I’m here?” Ian’s eyes landed on her breasts and gave an appreciative perusal of the beaded peaks. She swallowed. How could he make her so needy? She’d had two fabulous weeks with Gerard. It wasn’t as if she could claim depravation from her imprisonment. Gerard had treated her as if they were honeymooners and lavished her with his attention. Much more so than what she’d expected. Or deserved.
    “Kincaid sent me.” Ian’s cock sureness annoyed the hell out of her.
    “Gerard?” She eyed him suspiciously, not allowing her gaze to travel over the form-fitting black t-shirt he wore, the tight black jeans that caressed his narrow hips and muscular thighs. But even without directly looking, the vision sank in, burning itself into her retina and tensing her body. Damn him.
    Ian sank to the edge of the bed, near her, and she fought scampering back. He couldn’t touch her. She craved his touch. Would shatter into a thousand pieces if his skin met hers. He couldn’t touch her. Not after what he did. Why did he hold such power over her?
    His dark gaze turned lethal, as if he read her thoughts. As if he knew her body tingled with awareness of him. He did know, had always known. And the bastard liked it. Which was her saving grace when he yanked the sheet back, exposing the rest of her nakedness.
    He drank her in, a visual touch that skimmed up her legs, caressed her inner thighs, skimmed over her mons.
    Anger at his arrogance held her in place, allowed him to look. Despite his nonchalant stance, the pulse at his throat hammered. Ian may have betrayed her, but he still wanted her.
    A wicked gleam lit inside her, filling her with sweet vengeance. Her gaze dropped to his straining zipper. “Looks like you’re happy to see me,” she drawled in imitation of his earlier taunt. This time, she’d be the one to use the chemistry between them to her advantage. She’d beat him at his own game.
    She leaned forward, not touching but close. So close she imagined she could feel the pounding of his heart. Perhaps it was only the thudding of her own overpowering her senses.
    “Monty.” Her name left his lips in a sigh, his breath brushing against her skin.
    “What’s wrong, Ian?” she attacked, going on the offense before his nearness put her on the defensive. “Feeling guilty at how you tossed me to the cops?”
    His gaze darted to hers. “If you weren’t guilty, they wouldn’t have convicted you.”
    “Wouldn’t they? You screwed me, Ian.” She took a deep breath, filling her lungs with air, accidentally brushing her nipples against the soft material stretched across his broad chest. Shards of glass pierced every cell in her body, pricking her with pleasure and pain.
    “That I did.” His hand lifted and her treacherous body tingled with the knowledge that he was going to touch her.
    Horrid female creature that she was, she wanted just that. To have the betraying bastard touch her, kiss her, be inside her, fucking her with that big cock of his, making her cum and cum.
    But instead of touching her, he straightened from the bed. “Too bad I don’t like sloppy seconds,

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