Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare by A.J. Bennett Read Free Book Online

Book: Truth or Dare by A.J. Bennett Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.J. Bennett
full length of her body. The term undressing you with his eyes took on new meaning. 
    She couldn’t shake the impression of power and leashed violence when his eyes finally settled back on her face and held her gaze.  
    “Luna,” he said roughly. 
    Even his voice caused her pulse to skip a beat or two. She was so conscious of him, she could almost hear his breathing, probably steady as could be. Completely in control and utterly dangerous to her soul.
    She knew she had to proceed with caution. 
    Focus, Luna! Why the hell did her brain have to go haywire as soon as he was around?
    Finally, Luna’s brain kicked back in gear. She cleared the lust from her throat. “Come in. I’m almost ready.”
    As he brushed past her, heat emanated from his lean, hard body. He was so close, all he’d have to do was lean in a couple of inches and their lips would have touched. 
    What she didn’t understand was what was stopping her? It’s not like she was shy. Hell, her normal course of action was to be aggressive when it came to sex. Exercising caution was not part of her game plan. When she saw something she wanted, she just took it; used them and walked away. Never giving anyone the chance to get under her skin, avoiding the possibility of getting hurt. 
    Hunter did a quick scan of the place before his eyes settled back on her. Her apartment was pretty crappy, but she wasn’t about to apologize for it. It was all she could afford.
    She slipped on ballet flats and grabbed her purse off the counter. “Ready when you are.”
    “Oh, I’m ready,” Hunter said. His voice remained calm, his face still, and even though he didn’t move toward her, Luna detected a hint of sexuality in his statement. Or maybe she was just projecting her own feelings onto him; it was hard to tell at this point. The man made her brain feel scrambled.
    Luna stared into his icy-blue eyes, and the room seemed to grow smaller around her. Suddenly, she felt like she had to get out of there. 
    “Let’s go.” She tore her eyes from his face and strode over, flinging the door open. She needed to get some distance to catch her breath. 
    “In a rush?” 
    Luna turned, holding onto the door frame to steady herself, before glancing up at Hunter. Cool blue eyes glittered recklessly from his strong, mesmerizing face. The pull he had over her was bordering on hypnotic. She was immediately drawn into his powerful sensuality.
    Involuntarily, she took a step back, trying to center herself from the intense need she was feeling. 
    A flash of his mouth on her bare flesh. His hands stroking her thighs, his tongue on her nipples. 
    She wanted him with an intensity that shook her. Maybe if they got the sex out of the way, it would be out of her system, and she could go back to the cool, calm, and collected person she usually was. 
    For all she knew he could be a cold fish in the sack. Yeah right.
    She had two choices: act on it, or run for the hills. And Luna wasn’t one to run from anything. 
    She stared him in the eye, willing herself to say something coherent. “I owe you a date if I recall the deal correctly.” 
    He nodded his head and took a step closer. “That was the deal. And I take my word very seriously.”
    Without another word, Luna flung the screen door open and stepped outside. The fresh air felt incredible against her skin, and she inhaled deeply, willing herself to calm down. 
    Luna could feel the excitement mixed with fear surging through her. She knew, without a doubt, when they finally came together it would be explosive. She could have stripped down her clothes right then and there to experience him, but she wanted to prolong the dance.  
    Something told her feelings like this only came around once in a lifetime.
    “Do you want to go to a movie?” Hunter asked, as he held open the door to his beat up, red truck. “Or do you have something else in mind?” His face broke into a lazy, arrogant smile.
    Luna climbed in and tried to gather

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