Twisted Pursuits

Twisted Pursuits by Krystal Morrison Read Free Book Online

Book: Twisted Pursuits by Krystal Morrison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Krystal Morrison
bought her a stunning painting of the Reggae legend Bob Marley in performance at the gift shop. It was back to Ocho Rios to Dolphin Coves where they swam with the dolphins and witnessed the longest snake she had ever seen. She had cringed at the sight and latched on to Jordan, but he had only laughed and consoled her by stating that the snake was tame and hence harmless.
    After a full day of attempting, failing and finally beginning to grasp the art of sitting a horse and moving it, riding the four wheel bike, cycling a whole mile and back, taking a rafting tour where she was informed at length of Jamaica’s Flora and Fauna and the most exhilarating, if not a little scary, the zip line; she was bone tired.  However she simply could not resist attempting the swing jumping although Jordan had warned that she was too weary for such a strenuous activity before he had left her to get refreshments.
    She would soon find that she had made a grave error when she was strapped to the seat at the end of a three yard long swing and flying in the wind. She screamed as the swing propelled her body, to and from, higher and higher towards the sky, when it finally halted she was as flaccid as a rag doll. She thought she saw Jordan but she wasn’t sure as the faces seemed far away and she couldn’t hear anything above the ringing in her ears. She was sure however that it was his arms she fell into just before the world went black. 
    She woke in a room that smelt faintly of anesthetics and a big warm hand gripping hers almost bruisingly.
    “I want to see him in my office first thing Monday morning”, Jordan was shouting angrily, “she could have been seriously hurt for heaven’s sake, at my own Adventure Park”
    This is Myles Adventures and Tours! She had had no idea; he had been so easygoing with the staff that she’d assumed their behavior was due to his commanding presence.
    “ Dammit! Where is the doctor”, she heard Jordan’s continued raging and realized that her eyes were closed.
    “He’s on his way”, a voice to her distant left answered, “don’t worry Mr. Myles, she’ll be fine.    She’s just tired”.
    She moaned and opened heavy lids and croaked, “Jordan”.
    “I’m here baby”, he whispered urgently, then shouted, “nurse she’s coming around”.
    It seemed the heavily rounded woman was there in an instant, “how are you feeling Ms.  McKenzie”.
    “Exhausted” she whispered truthfully, gripping her sore throat.
    The nurse elevated her head with two pillows and made to spoon-feed her with something from a cup. She shook her head as her stomach churned with revulsion.
    “It will make you feel better”, she coaxed.
    Surprisingly Jordan extended his hands, “I’ll do that”.
    Even the nurse seemed shocked as she gave the container to him.
    “I can do it”, Lauren said but fell back against the pillows, her brows perspiring, after she attempted sitting up.
    Jordan made no comment as he patiently spooned the stingingly sweet liquid down her throat, encouraging her to drink when she coughed on the first sip and waiting indulgently until she drank every last drop .
    “I don’t know what he was thinking”, Jordan was saying, “I was gone for two minutes, I thought I told you to stay put. Never mind, I’ve already called my assistant for a disciplinary meeting Monday morning”.
    “This is Myles' Adventures and Tours, isn’t it?”
    “I wanted you to experience it before I told you”, he responded, “but look what happened, you almost got killed”.
    “Don’t be ridiculous”, she laughed weakly, feeling better already, “Don’t be angry with him   Jordan. Please”
    “Ok. Don’t worry about that now”, he coaxed.
    As long as he was there everything would be alright, she told herself. Jordan always made everything better.
    The doctor came shortly afterwards and proclaimed her fit to be released but noted that she should drink lots of fluid mainly energy drinks. Jordan took her

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