Two to Tango

Two to Tango by Sheryl Berk Read Free Book Online

Book: Two to Tango by Sheryl Berk Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sheryl Berk
kill her as soon as the show was over? Then she spied another familiar face in the front row and gasped. It was one of the dancers from City Feet, Anya Bazarov. Anya had caused quite a scandal at Feet on Fire. She was an amazing ballerina, but Justine had registered her to compete as a Junior Soloist when she was thirteen and actually no longer a Junior. It had gotten her disqualified for her solo, and points had been deducted from City Feet’s group score. It was part of the reason Dance Divas won that competition.
    Rochelle panicked: Was Anya out for revenge? Was she there to spy on them and report back to Justine? She raced back to the wings. “Guys, you won’t believe who’s out there! That Bizarre-o girl from City Feet!”
    â€œNo way!” Scarlett said. “What’s she doing here?” She peeked out of the curtain to get a closer look.
    â€œRock,” Bria said solemnly. “There’s something else you should see.”
    There, seated right next to Anya, was Miss Toni.
    â€œWait a sec. Weren’t the initials on Toni’s costume sketch ‘A. B.’?” Bria recalled.
    â€œAnd doesn’t Anya come from L.A.?” Liberty pointed out.
    â€œNo way!” Rochelle cried. “Miss Toni stole Anya away from City Feet to be a Diva!”
    â€œThat would be really sneaky,” Bria said.
    â€œThat would be really smart,” Liberty added. “Without Anya, City Feet doesn’t stand a chance of beating us.”
    Rochelle refused to believe Toni could play dirty like this. Yes, she wanted to win against City Feet, but she would never purposely do something to destroy another team’s chances. Would she?
A hem
.” Gracie cleared her throat. “I think it’s my turn. Rock, introduce me!” She smiled at Hayden adoringly. “Watch this!”
    Rochelle returned to the stage, trying not to look at her teacher or Anya. Instead, she smiled and put on her best emcee voice: “Please welcometo the stage, Gracie doing an acro routine to ‘Cooking by the Book’!”
    Gracie skipped out onstage and stood before the toy kitchen set that Scarlett had prepared for her. There was a bunch of pots and pans, spoons and mixing bowls—and of course, pancakes and ketchup. Her song was a fun, upbeat tune, and the audience clapped along as she flipped a pancake in a frying pan, then did a perfect back handspring step out. She ended the routine with a side aerial and a chin stand.
    â€œThat little Gracie’s got moves,” Hayden said from the wings.
    â€œYou really helped her conquer her fear today,” Scarlett said. “You made her feel like she could do anything. Thanks.”
    â€œYeah, I have that effect on people. Right, Rock?” Hayden teased.
    Rochelle smiled. “You’re up next, Dance Divo. Let’s see what you got.”
    As Gracie took her bows, Hayden rolled the kitchen set offstage and pushed out his prop: anold-fashioned streetlamp he’d borrowed from his school theater department.
    â€œDoing a contemporary routine to ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ please give it up for Hayden!” Rochelle announced.
    As the music began, Hayden opened his black umbrella and stretched his hand toward the sky. He leaped up on the lamppost and tossed his hat and umbrella to the side of the stage. He swung around the post and dismounted, rolling into a front somersault. Then he danced around the stage and performed a breathtaking
—a scissorlike leap in the air that made the audience applaud wildly.
    â€œWhoa!” Scarlett exclaimed. “He’s incredible.”
    â€œHe is, isn’t he?” Liberty swooned.
    â€œHe’s mine. Hands off!” Gracie said, giving Liberty a little shove.
    As he took his bows, Hayden scooped up his hat and placed it back on his head. He looked to the wings and tipped it at Rochelle. Her heart did a little tap dance.

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