Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace by Ciara Knight Read Free Book Online

Book: Fall From Grace by Ciara Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ciara Knight
    “Daddy?” She pushed up onto her elbows and
saw the grey mist rise from his hair and clothes, what was left of
    “Gaby.” Boon ran over and squatted next to
her. Sammy crouched over Alexander lying motionless on the
    “I…I…t-tried to stop.” Sobs choked her
speech, but dread suppressed them in her throat.
    “It’s okay. Everything’s all right now.
Grace is here.” Gaby followed the direction where Boon’s finger
pointed. Grace stood looking down at the remains of the demon.
    “We need to dispose of this, Boon.” Grace
moved toward them, a solemn look on her face. “Gaby, can you move?”
Her business-like persona cut through Gaby. How was she calm and
direct when her earthbound son lay motionless?
    “Alexander, m-my father … are they d-dead?”
Acidic liquid rose, burning the inside of her raw throat. Choking
it back down, she pushed up onto all fours. The world shifted and
    “They’ll be okay, child. Can you walk?”
Grace patted Gaby’s head as she looked down at her with
compassionate eyes. “We need to clear the area and take care of the
evidence, Boon.”
    “I-I think so.” But she stood only to fall
back to the ground. Alexander moved. She froze and watched as he
made his way to her. “Alex … I-I’m so sorry. I—”
    “Shh, it wasn’t your fault.” He stumbled to
her and grasped her hands in his. “I thought I’d lost you.” He
kissed both hands. “You’re okay and that’s all that matters.”
    “But I—”
    “We’ll figure it out. For now we need to
listen to Grace.” He helped her over to her father.
    “Daddy?” She rolled him over and saw his
face. Gasping she buried her head in her hands and cried out. “Oh,
God. What’ve I done?”
    “It’s okay, Gaby. He’ll be fine,” Grace
    “Fine…f-fine? How can he be fine? His own
daughter m-melted half his face off!”
    “Gaby, you can’t get upset. We can help him.
Just stay calm.” Alexander grasped her face in his hands. “Look at
me. Look into my eyes. I love you. Trust me. Everything will be
okay. We’re in this together.”
    She did trust him, but how could he look at
her with so much love when she behaved like a monster? Resting her
head against his shoulder, his arms around her, she concentrated on
remaining calm. “P-please, just help my dad.”
    Grace moved to the side. “Boon, help me with
Bruce. Sammy, dispose of the demon.” Grace turned from them and
held out her hands. Wind started to blow around them, trees bent,
dust and dirt swirled.
    Alexander pulled Gaby close and helped her
up again. Rain poured in sheets. Not even the field was visible
from where they stood. Gaby’s body trembled as she wiped the water
from her eyes, trying to focus on the sudden natural phenomenon.
Alexander tightened his embrace. Was something else coming for
    The water swirled into a typhoon in front of
them. Debris flew in the area trapped in the cyclone rising up to
the sky.
    Gaby tried to shelter her father from any
possible debris, but Alexander held tight. The wind died down, and
the water evaporated; the Earth rested. No sign of the fire
remained. The thick St. Augustine grass grew from the Earth within
seconds of the wind dying down. Tree limbs sprouted from trunks,
and Spanish moss draped down. Even the front steps were clean and
    Grace swayed and fell to the stairs.
    “Mom?” Alexander called out.
    “I’m fine, son.” She shooed him away. “Get
Gaby inside. I’ll be right in.”
    “I’m not leaving my father.” Gaby
    “Gaby, you must get inside. It’s not safe.
The demons have found us.” Grace urged.
    “But how? I thought we had more time. A
year, maybe more. My mom promised.”
    “I know, dear, but there are things we
hadn’t anticipated. I will explain inside. Now, go.”
    “I’ll bring him in with you.” Boon pulled
Bruce into his arms, and they all made their way into the
    Alexander led her through the kitchen door,

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