Untamed by Kate Allenton Read Free Book Online

Book: Untamed by Kate Allenton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Allenton
Peter’s arm, unable to stop the blood that was boiling just beneath the surface of her skin. Her fist was shaking, balled at her side. Her jaw hurt as she clenched her teeth. The stress of the evening took control and, unable to stop herself, she swung with all her might and hit the asshole square on the jaw as hard as she could. It was a move she should have done the night she found him fucking the waitress; yet that embarrassment had teleported her to her beach house instead. He wasn’t so lucky tonight. She wasn’t embarrassed anymore; she was pissed. “ Ex -fiancée.”
    Veronica’ s breath hitched. Brody lightly chuckled and Peter stumbled back, catching his balance. His face grew red as the color of his eyes darkened and swirled with rage. He narrowed them to slits. If Brody wasn’t standing nearby, things would have gone from bad to worse. Peter’s temper would have surfaced. He would have tried to hurt her, tried being the operative word. She might have struggled for a minute, but the outcome would have been to her favor. She’d have used her gifts on the jerk just like she had on the unconscious thugs.
    Brody moved to her side. “Tara. Let me handle this.”
    “Oh I don’t think so.” Images of how she might have stopped him flashed in her mind. Another gun popped into her hand out of thin air, this one much smaller, but just as deadly as the machine gun that Brody had confiscated. The weight of the heavy metal was a silent reminder that she could indeed defend herself from the trash standing in front of her.
    “Tara, you know pointing that gun at a police officer is against the law.” Peter whined.
    Her lips twitched. “Only if I get caught and right now, you’re out of your jurisdiction.”
    Peter lifted his hands in the air and stepped back. He pulled out an envelope from his back pocket, and handed it to her. “I just wanted you to hear me out. I came to apologize and to give you this.”
    She glanced down at it. Her bank’s logo was in the corner and her name was scrawled in cursive across the front. “What is it?”
    Peter frowned. “I couldn’t let them send this to your address knowing you weren’t the re. I know how important the restaurant is to you.” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “It was the least I could do.”
    She glanced at Brody to find he had the phone shoved against his ear. She could hear bits and pieces of the conversation, and it sounded as though he was on the phone with the General, no doubt reporting all of their trouble. Finding two new people with gifts in one night would have been one thing, but when those new people were all up in your business, it was more personal. Tara tore the side of the envelope off and pulled out the paper. Her heart dropped into her stomach, and a lump formed in her throat. She read the paper once…and then again to make sure she hadn’t imagined it. She sagged against the SUV and looked up to find Peter staring at her. Veronica had moved to his side and was cupping his reddened cheek where Tara had hit him. The scene however unusual didn’t do anything to anger Tara. No, maybe the blonde bimbo realized she didn’t have a chance with Brody so she was moving on to someone she could have. Veronica stared up into Peter’s eyes. He lowered his head like he was going to kiss her and Veronica made a slight shake, no. Had Tara not been watching the exchange, she might not have believed it. It was almost as if Peter already knew her. Tara shook the thought from her head. Who cares if they actually knew each other. Maybe this had all been some kind of game between the two. What really mattered was the letter in her hand and what it meant.
    “You did this?”
    He held up his hands. “No. I had nothing to do with it. Dad mentioned it over dinner. I tried to talk him out of calling in the loan, but he wouldn’t listen.”
    He stepped close r to her. “Let me try and talk to him again. Maybe I can buy you some time.”
    Tara held up her

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