Vampire Lies (Blood and Snow Season Book 1)

Vampire Lies (Blood and Snow Season Book 1) by Rashelle Workman Read Free Book Online

Book: Vampire Lies (Blood and Snow Season Book 1) by Rashelle Workman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rashelle Workman
handsome,” I whispered. It’d taken me an hour to do my makeup and my hair just right and then to get dressed.
    I’d chosen a black dress with loose ruffles in the skirt. What I loved most was that the under part of the ruffles were teal, so when I moved, a pop of color would show. The bodice was tight and sleeveless. A small teal flower was pinned on the right side of my waist. I’d chosen black pumps with a red bottom, but Laeddin changed them to teal. I’d curled my hair and pinned it in a loose bun on the right side, then put a sparkling comb at the top to secure it in place.
    “Well you look beautiful.” Laeddin rested his hands on my waist. His warm skin radiated the scent of his blood. I’d noticed that the more time I spent with him, the more appealing his blood became.
    “Thank you.” He used his magic and we were suddenly seated in the theater. No one even noticed when we just popped in. It was as though we’d been there all along.
    When everyone was seated, the conductor came out and spoke to us about the program. Then they began to play… and for the next hour I was lost in the beautiful sounds of the music.

    Chapter 9
    On Monday morning, I woke with a mixture of excitement and apprehension swirling in my belly. The sun was just starting to rise and my first inclination was to fly because Sabrina would be waiting at my window.
    Except she wouldn’t be this morning.
    My emotions floated to the surface . I needed Sabrina. She was my friend. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window, pushing it open. Birds chirped their song. Small animals rummaged in the trees that lined the back yard. A deer lifted its head and bounded away.
    My throat burned at the sight of the d oe. I needed blood. It’d been more than a week since my last breakfast in Sharra and I couldn’t ignore my hunger any longer.
    “Where’s a unicorn when you need one?” I whispered fiercely , turning from the window, surprised by how sad I felt. I missed my best friend. Having Laeddin was great, but I was had to be careful of my attraction to him. Or his blood , my mind whispered. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t totally relax. Hiding out in the human world would be so much more fun if Sabrina was with me.
    Laeddin and I discussed bringing her. We’d talked and talked about it. But it wouldn’t work. Sabrina was small. Her presence would be noticed.
    I took a deep breath. I’d chosen this. Normal. High s chool. It would get better once I found some human friends and started doing typical stuff.
    “Focus , Jasmine.” I went into the bathroom. Laeddin had changed the color scheme in there as well as my bedroom from purple to my favorite colors, which were teal and black.
    The style was contemporary. A fresh jasmine flower sat in a pot on the counter near the sink and I leaned in to smell it. After my shower, I fixed my hair. The teal streak that had been in my hair for as long as I could remember was no longer there. I kept turning back and forth in the mirror trying to decide whether I liked myself better with or without it.
    I decided it didn’t matter. I left my hair down, curling the ends that hung to my waist with a hot iron. It took me a while to figure it out and I ended up burning two of my fingers. I realized I couldn’t do magic, but I was still a vampire. That meant I could still heal quickly. I kept my makeup simple, using neutral colors that enhanced my violet eyes, and applied neutral lip-gloss.
    I’d picked out my outfit the night before, a tan skirt with five-inch heels in the same color and a powder blue button down shirt. I put on a matching lacy blue bra and undies. The bathroom seemed lonely without Zenny. Usually he was around to give me compliments and help me choose makeup colors, hairstyles, and the clothes I would wear. I missed him too.
    But I reminded myself that he wasn’t part of my normal life.
    I focused on my shoes. They were the favorite part of my outfit. The shoes had a

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