Walk Me Down

Walk Me Down by HJ Bellus Read Free Book Online

Book: Walk Me Down by HJ Bellus Read Free Book Online
Authors: HJ Bellus
sequin top with gorgeous wedge sandals. The kind I used to love to wear. With huge hair and painted on makeup, she looks stellar. I instinctively back away from Finn hoping to make a quick and clean exit.
    “Finn, c’mon the whole gang from high school is here. We want a group pic and need you of course.”
    The harder I tug away from him the tighter Finn clutches my wrist. The pain is unbearable, almost causing me to scream. This is a clear sign that my heart is neither ready nor willing to be shattered again.
    “Finn,” I hiss.
    “I’m not letting go.”
    “Stop, please. You’re hurting me.”
    My words cause Kara to look down at our joined hands and the proximity of our bodies. And as if clear as day, a light bulb goes off in her tiny little brain, her fake persona and willingness to act as a friend instantly vanishes as she realizes what she just stepped into.
    “Well, Tess, right? I barely recognized you all dressed up with your hair done and everything. Well, I guess if you can call wearing jeans in a bar that’s over a hundred degrees dressed up. Makeup, hairspray and a little glitter sure do a lot for you.”
    “Kara, enough,” Finn roars.
    I finally catch him just enough off guard to rip my hand from his and make my escape. He hollers my name a couple of times before the sounds of the bar drown out his voice. I mentally will myself not to cry, not to shed even one small fucking tear, but after all, the truth is hard to handle when spoken out loud. Kara might as well cut off my other leg with her words. She nailed every single one of my insecurities in front of Finn, and the bitch knows it.
    Finally, I spot Scarlett sitting at a table with Wes on the opposite side of the bar. Peeking over my shoulder, I see Finn and Kara with the group all getting ready to pose for their picture and actually mentally send up a silent prayer of thanks.
    “We were wondering how long it would take you two to notice us over here with the drinks,” Scarlett says.
    “Where’s Finn?” Wes asks.
    “Where he belongs,” I scream over the music.
    Wes must be the owner of the bar. I remember Will telling me more in depth the other night all the different businesses the Evans’ own. There was one brother lower on Finn’s dads shit list and that must be Wes. I can see how owning a bar called the G Spot could land you there.
    The table is lined with four shots and four more whiskey drinks. Without asking or showing any emotion, I down all four shots. The look on Scarlett and Wes’ face is priceless, and if I was in a better mood or place in my life, I might laugh.
    “This one is mine, right?” I ask then pick up a crown and coke and chug it.
    “Everything okay, Tess? Where’s Finn?” Scarlett asks.
    “With Kara and his class, where he belongs.”
    The alcohol begins working its magic, allowing me to loosen up and give no fucks. A loud thumpin’ western tune begins to blare through the speakers, reminding me just why I wanted to come here. In the booth behind me, I spot a very large and muscular blonde. We make eye contact, and I nod towards the dance floor. No words are exchanged as he grabs me by the waist dragging me out to the dance floor. 
    “Not a good idea,” I hear Wes say.
    Clearly, his version of not a good idea is a perfect one to me. The stranger and I dance for a couple of songs. His hands roam all over my body as mine do the same. Even at one point, his lips are grazing the skin on my neck. His lips don’t produce the same sensation or feeling, but I’ve caught Finn watching several times, so I don’t give a fuck at this point.
    “Thanks for the dances,” I say, as I finally peel away.
    Wes and Scarlett are still at the table talking like two long lost friends. The look each of them hold in their eyes doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what they both want.
    “Three more shots and I’ll pass out in the backseat of my truck and you two can fuck all you want, deal?”
    Scarlett tries her

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