When The Dead Came 2

When The Dead Came 2 by Ariana Torralba Read Free Book Online

Book: When The Dead Came 2 by Ariana Torralba Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ariana Torralba
over. Seeing Alex raise the steak knife up, Trevor moved aside
swiftly, the knife flying by where he had been standing and sticking
into the kitchen cabinet. Alex grabbed out another steak knife while
Avery watched from the bedroom, seeing the trouble happening for her
ducked down, dodging the next flying knife, grazing his right ear. He
then fired his gun, missing Alex while Trevor sat back and dug out
his ninja stars from his holsters he had found at a few pawn shops.
Alex threw a fork next and it stabbed Charles in his right shoulder.
He fell back against the wall, looking at the dinner fork stuck in
his shoulder, letting out a sound of pain. Trevor threw the first
star and almost stuck in Alex’s left face cheek. Alex dropped
down immediately and hesitated on attempting another fork or knife
seeing the ninja star almost get Alex, finally decided to help. She
noticed the taller guy pull the fork out of his shoulder then he
stood up and ran up toward the couch. As soon as Alex stood to throw
another knife at the other guy, the taller one tackled him, hitting
the wall and causing the things on the shelf in the bedroom to topple
over. She looked down at the weapons she had which were the fillet
knife, a couple steak knives, five forks, and a mallet. She didn’t
want Alex to be facing two of them alone and finally decided on a
steak knife. Looking out, she focused on the young guy while Alex
fought back against the older guy, and she noticed him about to throw
another ninja star at Alex. Without thinking, she threw the steak
raised the next star in an attempt to help his group’s leader,
when he got a sudden stabbing pain in his left forearm, causing him
to tighten his grip on the ninja stars that began to cut into his
fingers and palm, blood beginning to trickle. He looked at his
forearm and saw the knife sticking in his arm. He pulled the knife
and dropped his stars with Charles’ gun on the floor and he ran
into the bedroom.
after seeing him pull the knife from his arm and dropping the stars,
could only think, crap .
She immediately began to regret throwing the knife blindly and wished
she had aimed at his face, possibly even his eye. She grabbed out the
mallet next, trying to become creative and as soon as he came into
the room, she flung the mallet. The guy raised his arms, blocking the
metal mallet from hitting him in the face, only causing pain on his
grabbed out the fillet knife next and lashed out, cutting his arm
once again. Trevor, not ever fighting a girl before, went ahead and
grabbed out his combat knife and used it to block the brunette’s
moves. He didn’t want to injure her, he usually was the one to
deal with the guys and usually it would be Lucinda or perhaps Jeff or
Will to deal with the women. The two began fighting, Trevor doing
more blocks than attacks. That is until he began to notice she was
starting to slow down suddenly, tiring herself out.
felt herself starting to feel weaker from lack of food and water in
her system as of late not to mention, lack of sleep. She felt worn
out and with one final move, ran at Trevor with all her strength and
tried to shove him back so she could make a run out of the room.
Instead, she unsuccessfully shoved him, barely budging him, and
Trevor shoved her back. She fell on the soiled bed then they rolled
off the other side, landing on a dead body that released the stench
of death over the two survivors fighting. Both struggled to stand
back up and when they did, Trevor finally grasped the fillet knife
and twisted her wrist, the knife dropping on the carpeted floor and
he dug in his pockets for the zip ties and placed them on her wrists.
longer caring, Avery stopped struggling and almost fell over onto the
soiled bed again, Trevor, keeping a grip on her arms, led her around
the ruined bed and returned into the main room.
slammed Alex against the window, his back shattering

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