Whispers at Moonrise

Whispers at Moonrise by C. C. Hunter Read Free Book Online

Book: Whispers at Moonrise by C. C. Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: C. C. Hunter
Della were accusing her of being were. Something she needed to remedy.
    She made up her mind. After she spoke with Holiday, she was going to find Lucas and apologize for leaving him like that. She quickened her pace down the trail. The trees on both sides seemed to grow closer together. And Kylie felt it again—the feeling of someone calling her. Luring her to step out into the woods. She stopped and looked out at the line of trees.
    They want you to come to them. She heard the spirit’s words whisper in her head.
    Who was out there? Was it Mario?
    Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure. It didn’t feel evil. It felt … She didn’t know how it felt, honestly, only that it wasn’t completely evil. However, it still scared her to the point that her breath came short, and a chill ran up her spine and tingled at the base of her neck.
    “What?” Miranda asked, a note of fear in her tone. “Your aura is going all sorts of strange colors on me.”
    “Nothing,” Kylie lied. She turned and started jogging to the office. As her feet pounded the path, little clouds of dirt floated up. She blinked the dusty air away and that’s when she saw the moon—half full, but bright. And it looked as if it just suddenly appeared in the sky.
    Moonrise, she thought. She felt again the whispers echoing in her mind. Whispers she couldn’t understand, whispers that both lured her and frightened her.
    “Is it a ghost?” Miranda asked, her feet pounding the path as her multicolored hair danced in the wind. “Is it?”
    “No,” Kylie said, able to speak without huffing.
    “Then can you slow down? Because I’m not like you and Della. I mean, I could cast a spell and maybe I could run faster, but that would take some time. And the last time I tried it, I turned myself into an antelope.”
    “We’re just about there,” Kylie said, but, remembering how she hated having to work so hard to keep up with Della, she did slow her pace. Suddenly, a whoosh of air blew past them. Kylie’s first thought was vampire, but then Perry, in his huge prehistoric bird form, landed in front of them.
    Miranda, even huffing and puffing, squealed with pleasure. Perry took his right wing and wrapped it around the little witch, pulling her into his chest and giving her a warm bird hug. Then he cooed, sounding like a dove. As sappy as it was, and even in her bad mood, Kylie’s chest tightened. And the tender smile she spotted in Miranda’s expression sealed the deal. Love was a wonderful thing. Kylie wanted it. All of it. Complete devotion. All the sappy, crazy feelings.
    Images of both Derek and Lucas filled her head. Oh, hell, could she be in love with both of them? Was that even possible?
    Perry released Miranda and stepped back. Sparkles started falling around him like iridescent snow. In seconds, human Perry appeared. His sandy blond hair clung to his forehead as if he’d worked up a sweat. His eyes were blue. Bright blue. He wore a pair of black jeans and a T-shirt that read, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO BE?
    “I was just coming to get you,” Perry said, shifting his gaze from Miranda to Kylie.
    “Me?” Kylie asked. “Why?”
    He shrugged. “They told me to. Ordered me to.”
    “Who?” Kylie asked. “Who told you to get me?”
    “Duh. Burnett and Holiday. I don’t take orders from anyone else. Except maybe Miranda.” He grinned at Miranda.
    “Is something wrong?” Kylie asked.
    He looked back at Kylie. “I don’t know. But I know your mom showed up and she’s fit to be tied. Giving Holiday hell.”
    “My mom’s here?” Kylie asked, feeling confused.
    Perry nodded. “Sorry.”
    Kylie took off at a heated pace. Worry had her feet hitting the dirt and leaving a cloud of dust in her wake.

    Chapter Six
    Kylie ran directly into Holiday’s office. Her mom stood in front of Holiday’s desk, making some declaration. Holiday sat behind the desk, listening to the declaration. Burnett stood stoic, taking it all in. Kylie barely gave him a glance. She

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