Wolf Creek Ghosts (Texas Pack 3) (Wolf Creek Werewolf Shifters)

Wolf Creek Ghosts (Texas Pack 3) (Wolf Creek Werewolf Shifters) by Jo Ellen Read Free Book Online

Book: Wolf Creek Ghosts (Texas Pack 3) (Wolf Creek Werewolf Shifters) by Jo Ellen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jo Ellen
guy at the moment. All his concentration was on the ambulance they followed as it backed into the bay area for emergency vehicles. He barely waited for Niall to stop before he jumped from his seat to follow the gurney through the sliding doors.
    “Sir, you can’t go in there.” A tiny woman, dressed in scrubs slapped her hands on his chest.
    Devlin recognized her as one of his pack. “That’s my mate.” He was about to order her to step aside when Niall spoke from behind.
    “You’d just be in their way. Come on lad, you ken she’s in good hands here since this hospital is run by yer pack.” Niall gripped his shoulder, trying to pull him towards the waiting area.
    “I’ll check on her now and I will update you as soon as the doctors have checked her out.” The nurse dropped her hands, hoping he would not rip her apart for defying him.
    Devlin was about to pick the small woman up and move her bodily aside when Rafe and Lisa came through the doors.
    “Devlin! Do not touch her!” He grabbed Devlin’s other arm so that he and Niall could pull him over to the seating area where Rafe shoved him into a chair.
    Rafe nodded to the nurse. “Go, find out her condition and come back immediately and tell us how she fairs.”
    Rafe stood before him blocking his view while Lisa sat beside him and took hold of his hand.
    “I know you aren’t thinking straight brother, but you know better than to touch a shifters’ mate in anger. Her mate is one of the doctors who run this place for us.” He waited until Devlin acknowledged him before sitting down.
    Niall moved to sit beside Rafe and tell him what had happened. “I’ve no’ dealt with anyone in the death realm before.” He rubbed his hand over his jaw. “I dinna know who to contact for help.”
    “A psychic maybe?” Lisa asked.
    Devlin tuned out the conversation around him, staring anxiously at the area beyond the nurses’ desk. She’d only been in his life a short time, and now he could not imagine living without her. He felt lost, not knowing how to fight an invisible enemy. Jack, he thought as he surged to his feet. They needed Jack to protect her.
    “Jack, you here?” He glanced around the room, thankful there were no humans in the waiting area.
    If Jack was in the room, he was keeping silent. Devlin concluded he wasn’t in the room and zeroed in on the same nurse as she came through the door.
    He saw her give a small nod to her alpha before turning to Devlin. “She’ll be fine. The doctor will be out in a minute to explain her injuries. Thankfully she did not have any major concerns.”
    Devlin exhaled noisily in relief. “I need to see her.” He started towards the door as it was pushed open, and the doctor halted in front of him.
    He gave a nod to his alpha before speaking to Devlin. “She has a dislocated shoulder. The x-rays showed no broken bones and the CAT scan we did on her head was negative. Only a slight concussion, but we want to keep her overnight.” He paused, grinning when he heard Olivia’s loud singing beyond the glass nurses station. “She’s feeling pretty good right now. Hence the singing.”
    Devlin was finally able to relax and smiled at James, their pack doctor before shaking his head ruefully. “You call that singing?”
    They all chuckled at the tone-deaf rendition going on in the back.
    “Before you head back there, you need to know I’ve put her arm back in its socket, but she will need to wear a sling for about six weeks. Normally I would have an orthopedic surgeon see her since she’s human. But, I’m assuming you’ll be mating her, and she won’t need a surgeon or the sling for very long.”
    Devlin knew he needed to move things along. She was vulnerable as a human, and she needed the protection and strength being a wolf could give her.
    He nodded to James. “Yes, I’ll be changing her as soon as I can convince her to accept me.”
    By the time they got to the back, an orderly was rolling her bed down the

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