You Again

You Again by Carolyn Scott Read Free Book Online

Book: You Again by Carolyn Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Scott
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Contemporary
hours but was only two minutes according to the clock on the dash.
    “We wait.”  Luke hadn’t taken his gaze off the large iron gates across the Haywood-Smith’s drive.  “And watch.”
    “Okay.”  After another minute, she added, “What are we watching for?”
    “Anything out of the ordinary.  Comings and goings.  That sort of thing.” 
    Lily didn’t think they would learn much from watching the driveway but she did as told and watched too.  Easy.  It was the waiting part she found difficult, especially with Luke so close she could reach over and caress his thigh.
    She dug her nails into the leather seat near her own thighs to stop herself committing a dumb mistake. 
    It was his aftershave.  That had to be the reason she felt suddenly out of control.  It surrounded her, blending with his own musky scent to fill her nostrils and attack her nerve endings until they were raw with desire.
    Don’t look at him, don’t look at him, don’t look at him.
    She looked at him.  He was still watching the gates so she kept on looking, admiring his strong profile, the straight nose and sensual lips.  Nothing had changed in two years.  Not him and not her response to him.
    She became aware that she was stroking the leather seat and stopped.  Concentrate.  On the house, not on Luke.
    She turned to watch the driveway but after a few minutes of silence, her nerves stretched to snapping point.  “Okay, I can’t stand it anymore.  If you’re trying to drive me crazy then you’re doing a good job.”
    “Why would I want to drive you crazy?”  His gaze remained on the gates.  In fact, he hadn’t looked at her directly since his arrival on her doorstep.
    She threw up her hands and slapped them down on her thighs.  “How should I know?  Maybe it’s some new form of police interrogation.  Don’t speak to the suspect after having sex with her and she’ll admit everything.”
    “You’ve already admitted everything.”
    She gritted her teeth to stop from screaming at him.
    “Sorry, Lil, I just don’t like talking during surveillance.”
    “Crap.  You once told me how you and Tommy knew each other’s life stories after your first surveillance together.  So it must be me.  You don’t want to speak to me.”
    He sighed.  “Okay, I don’t want to talk to you because we’ll only end up talking about last night or about our breakup or something like that.”
    “So I’m a guy.  I don’t like discussing that stuff.”
    “Then we’ll discuss sports.”
    “You hate sport.”
    “The weather?”
    “It’s summer and hot.  End of discussion.”
    “My mother?”
    His gaze slid to hers.  “Definitely not your mother.”
    She grinned.  “Got your attention though.”
    Surprisingly, he grinned back.  “Your mother is hard to ignore.”
    Lily sighed.  “Oh yeah.”  The silence settled again as they both returned their attention to the gates, but the tension had eased.  “She thinks I made a mistake sleeping with you.”
    “You told your mother we slept together?”  He groaned and looked up at the roof.  “Great, now I have to live with the knowledge that she knows.”  He shifted his gaze to her.  “She’s not going to come after me with a gun is she?”
    “No!  She doesn’t have a gun.  That I know of.”
    “Stop discussing our sex life with your mother.”
    “We don’t have a sex life anymore.  Last night was a one off.”  Definitely a one off.  No more sex with Luke.  Ever.  Not even if he begged her on his hands and knees, naked and with his tongue—.
    She slid the window down all the way but no amount of breeze could cool her.
    “Yeah,” he said quietly.  “A one off.”
    She turned to look at him, expecting him to be watching the gates but instead he was watching her.  The light from the nearest street lamp reflected in his eyes, making them appear glossy in the darkness, and she could just make out the grim set of his mouth.  She

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