You Got Me

You Got Me by Mercy Amare Read Free Book Online

Book: You Got Me by Mercy Amare Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mercy Amare
couldn't tell her that she was the one who did it. “I... fell.”
    I knew that it was a lame thing to say, but I also knew that she would believe me. She always believed me. It's easier for her to accept a lie than the truth.
    “ Let's get you bandaged up,” she smiled.
    When I came to, I was lying on a bed. The lights around were so bright. Somebody was saying my name.
    “ Roxy?”
    Suddenly, a face came into focus... Aiden.
    “Roxy, are you ok?”
    I looked around to see that I was in Aiden's dorm room. Somehow, I was on his bed. “What happened?”
    “You passed out. I think you were having a panic attack.”
    I suddenly wanted to hide. “I'm so sorry.”
    “Sorry for what?” he asked. “I was so worried about you.”
    I stood up, maybe too quickly. I grabbed onto Aiden to keep from falling over. The room was still spinning.
    “Sit back down,” he instructed.
    “ No, I'm fine. I promise. This happens all the time. I just... I want to go back to my room.”
    Aiden looked disappointed. “Ok, but I'm walking you back.”
    That night, I couldn't sleep. I was worried about Roxy. I wanted to know why she had a panic attack. What exactly did her mom do to her to mess her up so bad? I wished that Roxy would open up to me. I hated that she always shut me out. What could I do to earn her trust?
    I finally fell asleep around 3 that morning, but was awakened at 7 by my cell phone. I looked to see my mom's number.
    “Hello,” I answered groggily.
    “ Hey, Aiden,” I heard my mom on the other end. I wasn't expecting her. Usually only Aaron called me this early. “Heard you guys won the game last night.”
    Why was she making small talk? “Of course. We always win,” I joked. “So what's up?”
    She sighed heavily. “I was wondering if you could come home this weekend.”
    I sat up in my bed. Mom has never asked me to come home. “What is wrong?”
    “It's nothing, really. It just Aaron. He's been having problems at school with some of the other kids, and I think you could really help him.”
    “ What do you mean he's having problems?”
    “ He's been getting into fights,” she answered sadly. “It's silly, really. They are 7 year old boys, way too young for this kind of behavior, but he came home with a black eye on Wednesday, and yesterday another boy pushed him. When he fell, he broke his arm.”
    I grabbed my duffel bag and started shoving clothes inside. “Why are you just now telling me?”
    “Because if I told you yesterday you would've skipped your game to come. I couldn't let you do that.” Her voice was heavy.
    My mom – always so worried about me. Does she not realize that family always comes first. “Of course I would have skipped the game! How could you not tell me?” I was kind of angry at her, even though she was right. I couldn't afford to skip a game. I could lose my scholarship.
    “ Calm down. Aaron didn't want you to miss your game either. He watched the game before they took him back for surgery.”
    “ Surgery?” Frustrated, I ran my fingers through my hair.
    “ Calm down. He's going to be fine. It's his left arm, and the doctor said it would heal completely.”
    I shoved the last of my things into my bag. “Tell Aaron I'm on my way.”
    “Thank you,” my mom said before we hung up.
    I ran out the door and headed down the stairs. I once again thought of Roxy. I couldn't leave her here all by herself. I walked to her room and knocked on the door. I was surprised when somebody else opened the door.
    “Hey,” the red headed girl said. I could tell she was trying to sound sexy.
    “ Is Roxy here?”
    She looked disappointed, but stepped back. She pointed over to Roxy. She was sitting on her bed writing in a notebook. She looked up for a moment and smiled when she saw me.
    “Do you have any plans this weekend?” I asked her.
    She shook her head.
    “Then pack up. You're going with me.”
    “ Ok.” She didn't question. She just got up quickly and packed a bag.

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