Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth

Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth by Joseph Prince Read Free Book Online

Book: Your Miracle Is In Your Mouth by Joseph Prince Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joseph Prince
still bless the congregation because God’s grace is greater than the preacher’s mistakes. But please understand that I am not encouraging preachers to preach wrong doctrines.
    Moses was one such “preacher”. Instead of using Aaron’s rod of grace and speaking to the rock as God had instructed, he shouted at the people, called them rebels and hit the rock twice with his own rod of judgment. Yet, water flowed out of the rock in abundance for the people and their animals to drink.
    In that moment, Moses misrepresented God. His message to the people was not of God. To the people listening to Moses, they would have felt that God was angry with them when, in actual fact, God wanted to show Himself gracious. And yet the people were blessed.
    I have sat in church services where the preacher’s message was entirely anti-grace. And yet, at the end of these services, sinners still responded to receive Jesus. So just because the results are great, it doesn’t mean that the message is of God.
    Do you know why people still get saved, healed and delivered, despite the preacher’s mistakes? It’s because God is gracious. God loves His people. And He blesses them based on His grace, not on the preacher’s actions, message or performance.
    God’s Grace Towards Moses — He Eventually Entered The Promised Land
    Some of you may point out to me, “But Pastor Prince, what about Moses? God wasn’t gracious to him because God didn’t allow him to go into the promised land.” It’s true that Moses could not enter the promised land because he misrepresented God. God said to him, “Because you did not believe Me, to hallow Me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.” (Numbers 20:12) Later, he asked God again if he could cross over to the promised land. But God replied, “Speak no more to Me of this matter.” (Deuteronomy 3:26) Then, God showed him the promised land from the top of Mount Pisgah.
    Moses must have been heartbroken! He saw the promised land and he later saw his people going in, but he himself had to stay behind. It may seem like God was hard on Moses, but if you think about it, Moses did eventually enter the promised land. In Matthew 17:1–3, we see that Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus on a high mountain. There, Jesus was transfigured before them.
    The Bible says that Jesus’ clothes became dazzling white, like no other white on earth. His face shone like the sun. At the same time, Moses and Elijah appeared and talked with Jesus. Now, isn’t it better for Moses to enter the promised land with Jesus and Elijah than with the grumbling children of Israel? Isn’t God gracious?
    Even When You Make Mistakes, God Is Still Gracious
    Some of you reading this book are leaders in your church. I want you to remember this: Even when you make mistakes, God is still gracious. Not only will He still meet the needs of your flock, He will also meet your own needs and desires! God loves you as much as He loves the lambs He has instructed you to feed.
    There is no need to get discouraged. God will not fall off His throne in surprise just because you stumbled and fell! He already knows all about your weaknesses and He loves you in spite of them. Think about it: If He was gracious to the many sinners who came to His Son for healing when He walked on earth, how much more will He be gracious to you who are in Christ today!
    So every morning, when you wake up, be conscious of God’s grace for you. Be conscious of His love for you. See Him as a loving Father smiling at you and wanting to bless you. And if you have a need, don’t worry and grumble about it. Jesus has made it so easy for you to receive what you need. There is no need to hit the Rock again. Just speak to the Rock — and the waters will flow!
    Jesus Is The High Priest Of Our Confession
    Likewise, talk to your High Priest and the waters will flow. The Bible says in Hebrews 3:1 that He is

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