Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors Book 7)

Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors Book 7) by Sadie Carter Read Free Book Online

Book: Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors Book 7) by Sadie Carter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sadie Carter
him, not answering any of his communications only added to his angst. His mind had shot forth all sorts of scenarios.
    None of them good.
    “I do not know the details. But I understand why my declaration scared her. I did not mean I wished to own her. I would cherish her. Care for her. Protect her.”
    Willa sighed. “You guys are so lucky you’re cute. And good in the sack. Really good in the sack. You need to move carefully with her.”
    Thor ran his hand over his hair. “I know. I have always known that. I was not thinking properly when I declared her mine. But the urge to touch her, to make her mine, it is nearly overwhelming.”
    Darac nodded. “It is impossible to ignore the urge to claim your mate. And it only grows worse as time continues.”
    He knew that. He only hoped he could give her enough time before the urge grew too great to ignore.
    “Perhaps I must speak to Rye. Learn what it is in her past that makes her so fearful of being my mate.” Rye had chosen to accompany them on this mission, while Willa’s others brothers had remained on Zerconia.
    “You can try,” Willa said doubtfully. “But without Lucy’s permission he’s not going to tell you anything. Rye is really good at keeping secrets. He’s had plenty of practice. I don’t even have a clue where he found her.”
    Darac stood. “I must go, we are getting close to Zaru.”
    They had managed to pick up six of the seven emergency beacons, two of those beacons were coming from Zaru. Darac had sent the other two ships that accompanied them to follow two of the other beacons.
    “I’ve never heard of Zaru, is it dangerous?” Willa occupied.
    “It is a hostile planet, filled with huge wild beasts called Boru,” Darac explained. “They are stupid creatures but deadly. Our warriors should be able to avoid them. Their high density weight means they cannot climb so if you see one coming the best idea is to climb the nearest tree.”
    Willa made a face. “Hope they landed in a forest then.”
    “Can you please let Lucy know we are close. We have a clear reading on the emergency beacons, but it would be best if she was prepared.”
    “You will not allow her on Zaru, though,” Thor dictated.
    Willa sighed then, shaking her head, left the room muttering something about idiot men.
    “I wish to be there if you need her help.”
    “Of course,” Darac agreed.
    Thor walked out beside Darac. “What is it that you do in a sack that is so good?”
    “I have no idea, old friend. Often I just nod and smile. Understanding these humans is sometimes impossible.”

Chapter Five
    Lucy stared down at the bracelet. It was a delicate, silver chain with little jewels between each link.
    Mila’s bracelet. She swallowed heavily. So far, Darac had only needed her abilities once. They had managed to find the two escape pods and rescue everyone who had remained close by. But one warrior had left to get water. He hadn’t come back.
    Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to get a reading from the article of clothing his family supplied. Which only meant one thing.
    The poor man was dead.
    She’d hated giving Darac that news. But there was nothing more she could do. She couldn’t trace a dead person. They assumed one of the deadly beasts that roamed Zaru had spirited him away. Lucy hated disappointing people. A sick feeling in her stomach had developed as she’d wondered if Darac would be like the others. If he would hurt the messenger.
    But he’d just nodded and thanked her for her help. She’d been left standing there, speechless. Thankfully, Thor hadn’t been around—he’d had wounded to help.
    The other ships had been successful. They’d retrieved everyone else and there had been only one other casualty.
    That left just the one missing escape shuttle, whose beacon wasn’t transmitting. The escape shuttle that must have held Mila, Koran and the former Empress. The other ships were headed home with all of the extra warriors. That left just

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