Billionaire's Baby Surprise, Part Three

Billionaire's Baby Surprise, Part Three by Mia Caldwell Read Free Book Online

Book: Billionaire's Baby Surprise, Part Three by Mia Caldwell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mia Caldwell
Chapter One
    “I need you right now, Sondra.”
    Sneaking a peek at the waiting room to ensure none of the other women were close enough to hear, she pressed her iPhone closer to her mouth, saying as quietly as possible, “You had me twice last night and once this morning. And isn’t Nagato coming today?”
    “Tomorrow.” He exhaled raggedly. “That’s why I need you. It’s a madhouse here getting everything ready, and I had to fire Eleanor this morning.”
    Sondra paused as she exited the doctor’s office, standing for so long in the doorway that someone cleared their throat impatiently behind her. Quickly, she stepped out and off to the side of the entryway. “What? I thought you couldn’t fire her without cause.” Jake had discussed his growing annoyance with Eleanor’s persistence and his frustration that corporate policies had stymied his ability to deal with her. “When you offered her a transfer, she threatened to sue, didn’t she?”
    “She can sue me all she wants.” He muttered something that sounded like a curse. “When she strips naked and sits in my office chair, that’s too much. I don’t care about the consequences. I’m done with her.”
    Sondra tried not to laugh, but she couldn’t completely stifle a giggle. “Oh, my poor darling. I know how much you love that chair.”
    “I did, but I’m not sure maintenance can sterilize it to my satisfaction.” He sounded a bit reluctant to share the next tidbit. “She was very open to meeting me when I walked in. Very open. And all over my chair.”
    His note of outrage at the discovery of the frosty Ms. Clevage masturbating in his chair sent her over the edge into a full-throated chuckle. She tried to regain control, but couldn’t help giggling for almost a minute.
    “Yes, it’s terribly amusing, except when you’re the one with a ruined office chair, no executive assistant, and a contract meeting for a multibillion dollar merger happening tomorrow.”
    Sondra somehow managed to stop laughing and turned to a soothing tone. “Linda should be able to step in.”
    “I don’t know Linda.” He snorted impatiently. “I want you, Sondra. You know the office and my preferences. You can get me through this crisis.”
    “Well, I suppose I could come in. I wanted to see you anyway.”
    She smiled at the note of interest in his tone. “Sorry, Jake, but not for that. The doctor took some pictures.”
    “Pictures? Of what?”
    “The baby, of course. Today was the first ultrasound.”
    His silence lasted a long moment, and he sounded cool when he spoke. “You didn’t think I would have liked to be informed about that, Sondra? I’d have enjoyed coming with you.”
    “You’ve been talking about the merger meeting for two weeks, Jake. I assumed you wouldn’t have time.”
    “You assumed wrong. I would have made time.” He spoke with crisp certainty that left no doubt of his sincerity.
    “Oh.” She licked her lips. “I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to tell you next time.”
    “Thank you. Now, how soon can you get here?”
    She looked down at her comfortable yoga pants and loose T-shirt. “Maybe an hour. I have to change into office wear first.”
    He sighed with impatience. “Darling, I don’t care if you show up naked, but hurry.”
    “If I show up naked, you’ll never get anything done.”
    “Except you.”
    With a small laugh, she hung up on him and hurried out of the medical park plaza in search of a cab. The doctor she’d selected was a leisurely fifteen-minute walk from the apartment in Jake’s building, but she didn’t have time for that.
    Back at her apartment, she shed her clothes as she hurried into her room, leaving a trail of garments behind her and hoping Maevyn was still asleep. Her closet yielded all of her wardrobe choices from when she had been employed at WWJ instead of as an independent contractor working from home. The problem was, none of them were maternity clothes, and though she was only

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