Bloom by Marilyn Grey Read Free Book Online

Book: Bloom by Marilyn Grey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marilyn Grey
Tags:, Fluffer Nutter
    “Friends of friends. My best friend’s husband is an usher.”
    “Oh, good,” Anastasia said. “Then you can meet me there and we can sit together. I’ll feel so much better with you there.”
    Oh, no. How could I get out of it now?

    I stood in front of the mirror and wished I’d get sick and have a good reason to stay home.
    “Wow, Sarah.” Ella peeked her head through my door. “You look amazing.”
    I looked at her like she was crazy. “Stop.”
    “What? Since when is perfection a pre-requisite for looking nice?” She stepped inside. Her ankle length dress looked like a modern regency era design. Off-white with olive green accents, highlighting all of her features with simplicity. “You are never going to look like you did before the fire, but I’m not lying when I say you look nice. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you out of those sweatpants and t-shirts.”
    “I’m embarrassed, Ella.”
    “Look at me. I’ve hidden the scars as best as I could. I did this loose pony tail look so I could somewhat cover this side of my face, but I feel ridiculous for hiding and ridiculous for exposing myself.” I slumped into the chair by the window. “I can’t get over it.”
    “One step at a time.” She took my hand. “Let’s go. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll even have fun.”
    I stood and handed her a tube of sunscreen. “Could you help me put this on the top of my back?”
    “But your back isn’t exposed.”
    “Just being cautious.”
    “You didn’t take your pressure garments off, did you?”
    “Nope. That’s why I’m wearing a dress that practically covers every inch of my body. I had to buy it from some online medieval costume shop.”
    Ella tried not to laugh. “Really?”
    I smiled. “Yes.”
    We laughed as she gently rubbed lotion on my shoulders and back. Felt good to laugh again.
    “Where’s Cheyenne?” Ella set the sunscreen on my dresser. “She hasn’t been around as much.”
    “I told her I’m okay. The physical issues I have are nothing compared to the emotional.” I slipped into a pair of black flats. “She’s working more at the hospital. I think she’s looking for her own place now. I promise I will soon too.”
    “This is your home as long as you want it to be. It’s been wonderful having you with me. Not a burden at all, Sarah. I know how your little brain thinks.”
    “Alright.” I looked in the mirror one last time. “Ready?”

    Thankfully the chairs were lined up under the shade of trees. I admit, when Ella told me that Heidi and Patrick decided to marry at the local skatepark, I thought it sounded strange. And, well, I suppose it is a bit unique, but they set it up so beautifully. The chairs were in neat rows leading up to a ramp with a platform at the top. The platform was covered in rose petals and the sides were decorated with fake ivy.
    Ella and I sat down near the front with the baby. Others piled in behind us. I didn’t want to look at them, so I stared ahead without moving. A few minutes passed and someone tapped me on the shoulder. Anastasia. I almost forgot. She sat beside me. We hugged as Vasili and a gorgeous brunette sat beside us. I held my breath.
    “Hi, Sarah.” The brunette reached her hand across Vasili and Anastasia. “I’m Natalie. Vasili has told me so much about you.”
    I shook her hand and smiled. “I didn’t realize there was so much to say.”
    She was beautiful. I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less. At first I wondered why she didn’t mind her soon-to-be husband talking about me, but then I remembered.
    Music began playing. We all straightened and everyone turned as the ushers walked up the mock aisle. I looked ahead. Waited until they appeared at the base of the ramp. Then everyone laughed. I couldn’t help but turn. Patrick skateboarded up the aisle and right up the ramp, did some kind of trick thing, and landed on the platform as rose petals rustled and scattered beneath him.

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