Breaking Hearts (B-Boy #2)

Breaking Hearts (B-Boy #2) by S. Briones Lim Read Free Book Online

Book: Breaking Hearts (B-Boy #2) by S. Briones Lim Read Free Book Online
Authors: S. Briones Lim
difference,” she clarified.
    “Oh.” I bit my lip and pulled at a loose thread on my pillow case. I wasn’t sure I knew the difference. In fact, I was pretty certain I would never know the difference, yet for some reason I didn’t really care. Succumbing to curiosity or downright nosiness, I asked, “How do you know Jacob?”
    “We’re all from Fresno. Him, me, Shawn.” She made a gagging noise and glanced back at our tiny television screen, which now showed a zombie chewing someone’s eyeball out. If you asked me, the scene was far more gag-inducing than Shawn was, but I guess I’d agree to disagree.
    I rolled onto my stomach and propped my hands under my chin in interest. “Really? Were you all friends in high school?”
    “Somewhat. I mean all those breakers sort of hang out with each other. They’re not all friends by any means, but they run in the same circles.”
    “I can see that.” I frowned. “How’d you all end up down here?”
    “Cal U has a big dance scene. It was inevitable all the guys would come down here. Me, on the other hand, would have much rather ended up in Los Angeles.”
    “For what?”
    “Design. I mean, this place has a pretty good art program, but I really want to learn how to do Special FX. There’s a huge school near Hollywood that specializes in all that.”
    “What’s Special FX?”
    “You know those monster makeups in movies?”
    “Of course.”
    “Well, it’s that.” Groaning, she threw herself onto her bed and let out a huge sigh of remorse. “I want to make monsters. I want to paint actors’ handsome faces and make them gruesome. Now look at me, stuck in Cal U majoring in Fine Arts like some sort of loser.”
    Though I didn’t think a Fine Arts major warranted a “loser” label, I could now see why Anna was still reeling from her breakup with Shawn. Not wanting to bring up her ex again, I asked, “Is Jacob…nice?”
    “Oh, yeah.” Her head bounced up and down. “He’s a really sweet guy. Very genuine and loyal. He’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ type dude.”
    “That’s good to know.” Cue my beating heart.
    “But he’s off limits,” she added quickly.
    “Because of that girl he was with?” I looked up from my almost shredded pillow case and found Anna staring at me. “What?”
    “Who? Gemma?” Her eyes twinkled with humor.
    I shrugged. “If you’re talking about the exotic beauty, then yes, I guess that’s her.”
    “You don’t have to worry about Gemma.” She threw her head back and laughed as if enjoying the world’s funniest joke. “She’s more like a little sister to him. She’s sort of his protégé. He taught her everything she knows about breaking.”
    I looked back down, not wanting her to see the effect her words had on me. Truth be told, I was relieved, but still a bit jealous that Gemma shared something so special with Jacob. “Oh, that’s kind of cool.”
    Anna exhaled loudly. “Estelle, I can totally read through your cool act.”
    “What act?” I muttered.
    “I’m not dumb.”
    “I never said you were.”
    She shook her head slowly and snorted. “Let’s put it this way. We both know this crush isn’t going to go away any time soon, so before you get your hopes up or anything, I feel it’s my duty to warn you that Jacob is the kind of guy who’s sort of anti-relationship.”
    My heart instantly deflated. “So, he’s a player?”
    “Quite the opposite.”
    My eyebrows furrowed together. “I don’t get it.”
    “You want commitment? This guy is the embodiment of the word. The bad thing is, he’s not available.”
    “But you said—”
    “He’s married to b-boying,” she clarified. “That’s all he wants to do. Day in and day out, breaking is his life. He has dreams about becoming a professional and wants to travel the world one day. I heard him say it himself—he doesn’t have time for women.”
    I thought about all the hungry or should I say thirsty stares he received from the female

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