Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance

Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance by Joanna Blake Read Free Book Online

Book: Cockpit: A Second Chance Romance by Joanna Blake Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joanna Blake
gorgeous eyes crinkling.
    "A grapefruit?"
    "Yes! Women are not fruit, just waiting around to be plucked by- by you! They have their own plans, and dreams, and ideas!"
    He had a tender look on his face. Like he was seeing me. Really seeing me.
    "I know that. You are a whole lot of woman, Jenny. I do wish I knew your last name though."
    I stopped loading the cart with grapefruit and stared at him.
    "What? Why?"
    "So I know what it is before I ask you to change it."
    My jaw was open again. He was basically saying he wanted to marry me. That was what he was saying right?
    That was insane. He barely knew me. And he had no way of knowing about... what had happened while he was gone.  
    Who had happened.
    Again, it was an act. Most women probably fell into his bed. Hell, they probably crawled up to the foot of it begging. So this was his... sneaky attempt at getting the one woman on Earth who wasn't falling for him and his bedroom eyes!
    "You must really think highly of yourself, don't you?"
    He shrugged.
    "I think pretty highly of you. I'll show you how much. If you let me."
    He reached out and took my hand.
    "I don't think you need anymore grapefruit, Red."
    I looked at my hand and then at my cart. I had about twenty grapefruit in there. I didn't even really like grapefruit. I just got them for my dad's cholesterol.
    I coughed and put a few back. Jagger helped me. I wanted to swat his hand away.
    "Can I walk you home? I have about twenty minutes before class starts again."
    I shook my head, knowing my voice would be thick with emotion. I didn't want him to know what he was doing to me. Basically twisting me around and turning me inside out.
    "Come on sweetheart. Can't we at least be friends?"
    He held out his hand and I stared at it. Then I heard Crystal clearing her throat from behind me. I took his hand, looking at him as if he were an alien from another planet.
    "Okay Jagger. We can be friends. But that's it."
    He smiled and lifted my hand to kiss it. I shivered at the feel of those impossibly soft lips on my skin. He noticed too.
    I hoped he didn't notice how hard my nipples were.
    His smile was smug as he lowered my hand and gently let go of it.
    I crossed my arms over my chest and his grin widened. Oh yes, he'd noticed. Arghhh!
    "That's alright, sweet Jenny. I'm willing to wait."
    I scowled at him and turned away. But not before he nodded at Crystal and winked at me.
    "See you later."

Chapter Seven

    Twenty-two hundred hours. That's what time I showed up. That gave me three hours to wait. Wait, eat ribs, and watch Jenny work.  
    And watching her work was a thing of beauty. She was poetry in motion. Hell on wheels. Sex on rollerskates.
    I grinned and bit into another sweet barbeque rib. Hmm.. they were good. Not as good as what I had in mind for dessert though.
    I'd wanted to come earlier but I thought that might make me look pathetic. I didn't want Jenny to think I was desperate. Besides, I needed to get my house in order.
    In case I had company later.
    Female company.
    Red headed company.
    Jenny company.
    She walked past, carrying a tray of empty beer bottles. I leaned my chin on my fist and made eyes at her. She gave me a suspicious look but stopped and put her tray down.
    "Do you need something, Jagger?"
    She pulled out her pad and waited expectantly.
    "You want to try the cheesecake?"
    "I want you."
    I changed my tactics. As tempting as it was to try and get her into bed tonight, that didn't seem to be flying. I wanted to do this right anyway.
    "I want to take you on a date."
    She raised an eyebrow.
    "I don't have time to go on a date-"
    "I'm not finished. I want to take you out someplace special. Get you real dolled up and drink champagne. Then afterwards, I want to take you home and do things that would make a gynecologist blush."
    Her mouth opened.
    "I want to lick you. Every inch. And then I want to lick you again. You tasted so good, Jenny. I never forgot the way you tasted. Or

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