Danger In The Shadows

Danger In The Shadows by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online

Book: Danger In The Shadows by Dee Henderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dee Henderson
him away from his sisters…
    “I know. I know.” Dave gently drew her tighter against him. “You don’t have to blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault.”
    “I rolled the water jug…. I rolled the water jug, and it rolled out of her reach.”
    Dave felt the tears begin to flow from her, and he turned her to his chest.
    It did no good to remind Sara that if she had drunk any of the water during her turns, there would have been nothing left to try to give Kim.
    It did no good to remind Sara that Kim would have died in another few hours even if she had been able to drink the three tablespoons of water left in the bottle. All Sara could remember was that her twin sister had died inches away from her because she had rolled the water jug just beyond Kim’s reach.
    Dave wrapped her in her robe, gently slipped her from the bed, and carried her into the bathroom. He turned on the shower as hot as he thought she could handle.
    “Thanks, Dave.”
    Her smile was shaky but her eyes were clearing.
    “Sure, Sara.” He hated feeling this helpless. There was so little he could do.
    He found her jeans, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and a jacket. There was only one place where his sister found any peace, and it was several miles away.
    Sara eventually joined him. She didn’t ask where they were going. He deactivated and reactivated security zones in the house as they made their way to the garage. He pulled the keys to his motorcycle from his pocket.
    She slipped onto the bike behind him, her arms hugging him. He put on his helmet. He would have insisted she wear one as well, but she had her head buried between his shoulder blades, and he was not going to let an accident happen this morning. Not this morning.
    He took them north, knowing they would eventually turn west toward the cemetery. As he rode, he felt tears soak the back of his shirt.
    Life without parole was a hollow sentence for the one kidnapper they had caught. Sara lived the same sentence.

    H er car is here.” Adam gestured to the gray sedan with the familiar license plate as he walked with his brother-in-law toward the elevator.
    Jordan turned to inspect the car Adam had indicated. “I can’t believe you managed to spend two hours with the lady and not get her last name.”
    “Believe me, no one regrets that fact more than I do. I can’t find her.” Adam’s frustration was acute. He was hoping his brother-in-law, who also happened to be his lawyer, would have a few good suggestions.
    “She doesn’t work normal office hours. Sometimes the car is here at 7 A.M., and other times it doesn’t appear until noon. She’s normally gone by five, but occasionally it’s as late as ten. I don’t know where she works. She doesn’t go to any of the first-floor restaurants for lunch.”
    “What about the maître d’ at the hotel restaurant? He would surely know her last name.”
    “Too embarrassing.” He seriously wanted to see Sara again, but the only sure way to get her last name he rejected because he would feel foolish—it said something not too pleasant about his ego.
    “Why not just wait down here for her to show up?”
    “I tried that. On one of those days her car was here late, I waited until past midnight. She never showed.”
    “You said she got on the elevator on the sixth floor. It would make sense that she worked on that floor.”
    “There’s an architect firm, a dentist office, two private law offices, and a publishing distributor.”
    “Perfect fit—a publishing distributor. She’s a writer.”
    “The receptionist claims no one named Sara works there. I even sent a large bouquet of flowers, and the deliveryman got the same answer. No Sara. I did the same with the other businesses. Same answer.”
    The elevator took them up to the twenty-fifth floor.
    “Okay, then you’ve got two choices: wait on luck to bump into her again or start doing a systematic search to find her.”
    “I want to know where she works and I want

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