Dare To Be Wild

Dare To Be Wild by Eden Davis Read Free Book Online

Book: Dare To Be Wild by Eden Davis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eden Davis
first hooked up.” Jasi felt her tone turn cold, which she hated because Chrissie was sizzling hot and really knew her way around a pussy, but Jasi was definitely not in the mood to get into this territorial bullshit today.
    â€œI know we’re not exclusive,” Chrissie shot back, spitting out the word like the nail in her heart that it was. “But you should at least decide which team you’re going to play on. Either you’re a lesbian or you’re not.”
    â€œAre you really going there again?” Jasi got up to retrieve herT-shirt and pulled it over her naked chest. The sexy mood between them had evaporated and the only thing she wanted to do was get the hell out of Dodge. “You’ve known I was bi from the very beginning.”
    â€œI’m just saying, Jas, it’s not fair.”
    â€œChrissie, how in the world does my liking both dick and pussy make this an unfair proposition for you or anyone else?”
    Chrissie stood and tugged at Jasi’s turquoise nugget belt buckle, pulling her lover close enough for her to see the tears pooling in her brown eyes. “Because if you don’t have a preference, then nobody has a chance with you. There’s no way to compete.”
    Jasi unleashed her “you’re precious” smile and fought to resist the temptation to say something sweet and comforting. She also resisted the urge to reach down and suckle those delicious, coco brown, 34D’s staring up at her. She didn’t want to give Chrissie false hope by either flattering or fucking her. Besides, Jasi was scheduled to meet Livia downtown at three, and according to her watch, even if she left now, she was going to be late.
    â€œYou’re sweet,” Jasi said, touching Chrissie’s forehead with her lips. It was the kiss of death because while she had no issue doing boys or girls, Jasi did not do cling-ons, and this sad sister was beginning to reek of Velcro. “But I have to go. I’ll call you.”
    Chrissie fell back on the couch and watched her lover pull on her boots and head for the door. Jas could tell by the look on her face that Chrissie clearly understood what had been left unsaid—she was never going to dial her number again.
    â€¢Â Â â€¢Â Â â€¢
    Livia stood in front of Tickle Me Pink uncomfortably shifting her weight from foot to foot, too chicken to go inside by herself, and getting progressively more embarrassed while waiting forher chronically late friend to arrive. Livia’s intent had been to fulfill her pinky promise by partaking in a little online shopping spree. Her mistake had been calling and asking Jasi to recommend a good website. So instead of remaining an anonymous cyber freak, here she was in public. When it came to Jasi, good intentions, like Livia’s diet plans, often got shoved to the wayside.
    To tell the truth, Livia would rather be taking this excursion with Aleesa or Lena, who both were much more sexually free than she, but who would handle her with kid gloves through this. No such luck with Jasi. She was always so full steam ahead about everything, especially when it came to anything sexual. Livia had never met another woman who defined herself through the pleasure principle as much as Jasi did. She viewed sex through a man’s mindset—there was no such thing as too much or too often. Depending on what eye you looked out of, Jasi could be viewed as an insatiable freak and borderline slut, or simply a sexually evolved woman who saw the pursuit of her own pleasure as an inalienable right.
    Livia was a wee bit cross-eyed when it came to how she felt about her friend. She was indeed awed by Jasi’s self-confident sense of sexual entitlement while, at the same time, a bit taken aback by her lack of moral certitude. Jasi’s moral compass seemed to always point in the direction of N—for nasty.
    Still, in the end, it was probably a good thing that it was Jasi on the task.

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